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Kärcher BR 45/22 C Compact Medium Scrubber Dryer

Compact battery operated scrubber dryer with rotating roller brush head and KART steering technology for maximum manoeuvrability.

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Kärcher BR 45/22 C Compact Medium Scrubber Dryer

Compact battery operated scrubber dryer with rotating roller brush head and KART steering technology for maximum manoeuvrability.


The Kärcher BR45/22 scrubber dryer is perfect for large areas with narrow spaces or cluttered furniture which restricts larger machines.

Equipped with a roller brush head which rotates 200° in either direction thanks to Kärcher Advanced Response Technology, it delivers a large working width combined with exceptional manoeuvrability. The positioning of the brushes and squeegees ensure an increase in the area performance, and the built in lithium-ion batteries offer up to 3x longer lifetime than conventional lead batteries.

The innovative eco!efficiency mode can increase run times and reduce noise for up to 40% – perfect for those unavoidable daytime cleaning jobs.


Rotatable brush head

The brush head of the BR 45/22 C is an outstanding technical innovation; it can be rotated up to 200 degrees in either direction. The floor is scrubbed and dried regardless of the position of the steering wheel – even in reverse.


Built-in pre-sweep tray

Thanks to the counter-rotating brushes the BR 45/22 C is capable of sweeping up small debris such as stones, leaves, woodchips and screws. These are then collected in the pre-sweep tray which prevents them from blocking the suction bar.


Faster, longer, lighter – Li-Ion technology

The high performance battery for the BR 45/22 C is extremely light – resulting in an overall reduced weight and increased handling and mobility of the machine. The Li-Ion technology also allows for quick recharge times, the ability to opportunity charge and a life span that is approximately 3 times longer than standard lead-acid batteries. This means a machine that is always ready to use.


Get your floors shining brighter using Kärcher cleaning detergents with your rental scrubber dryer

At Kärcher Hire we offer a range of cleaning agents to use with your Scrubber Dryer. From removing tyre marks to removing grease, our Kärcher detergents will help you achieve that extra deep clean.*

Kärcher Floor Cleaner RM 69 ASF – For removing oil, grease and soot
Kärcher Intensive Deep Cleaner RM 750 – For removing stains from industrial flooring
Kärcher RM 776 Tyre and Abrasion Marks Remover – For lifting rubber dust and wheel marks caused by forklifts

For the best cleaning agents ensure you order yours when you hire from Kärcher Hire.

*Other cleaning detergents are available


• Rotatable brush heads enable ease of negotiating curves.

• High performance lithium-ion battery charges machines fully in just 3 hours.

• Around 35% lighter than comparable machines – Very easy to transport.

• High contact pressure for removing stubborn dirt.

Rotatable brush head

Enables extreme manoeuvrability of the machine, even in areas with a lot of furniture and when negotiating curves.
The brush is always transverse to the direction of travel. The suction bar reliably absorbs the water in every corner.
Cleaning and vacuuming in reverse is easily possible.

Includes high-performance lithium-ion battery

Maintenance-free and with a service life that is up to three times longer than conventional batteries.
Partial and opportunity charging is possible.
Very fast charging times (full charge in 3 hours, half charge in 1 hour)

eco!efficiency mode

Reduces energy use and extends the run time of the battery by up to 50%.
Reduces operating noise by up to 40%
Energy savings also reduce the total CO2 “footprint” of the machine.

Compact design

Makes it possible to drive away from walls at a 90° angle.
Ergonomic design makes handling easier

Very lightweight

Around 35% lighter than comparable machines on the market
Easily portable
Easy to transport

Folding handlebar

Easily stored
Suitable for transport in small vehicles.

Height-adjustable handlebar

Ergonomically adjustable for different operator sizes.

Powerful built in charger

Charging the battery is possible at all times.
Can be fully recharged in three hours or semi-charged in one hour. Interim charges are possible at any time.
Charger automatically switches itself off. No energy consumption in standby operation.

Technical Information

Working width, brush (mm) 450
Working width, vacuum (mm) 550
Motor rating (W) up to 550
Battery (V) 25.2 / 42
Battery capacity (Ah) 42
Battery voltage (V) 25.2
Fresh / waste water tank (l) 22 / 22
Brush contact pressure (g/cm²) 150
Brush rotation speed (rpm) 650 / 1000
Max. area performance (m²/h) 1800
Voltage (V) 25.2
Weight (kg) 48
Weight with battery (kg) 48
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 970 x 550 x 1115

User Manuals

BR 45/22 Scrubber Dryer Operating Manual Download

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Kärcher BR 45/22 C Compact Medium Scrubber Dryer

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