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Guide to Floor Sweeper Hire

Hiring a floor sweeper will save time, money, and ensure a healthy environment for staff and customers.

But what one is best for your business and what features do you need?


What Is a Floor Sweeper?

A floor sweeper is exactly what it sounds like. It uses brushes to remove dirt from different kinds of flooring, for indoor and outdoor surfaces.

There are various kinds of floor sweepers to choose from which all do the basic job of sweeping, but some include a sweeper to remove the dirt and then a scrubber to wash and dry flooring.


Why Use a Floor Sweeper?

A floor sweeper can save you time, money, and a lot of hassle. Cleaning equipment can also ensure a healthy workplace that protects your staff from sickness and your business from decreased productivity.


  • It’s economical

A floor sweeper takes just one member of staff to use it whereas manual sweeping could take more than one member of staff.

This saves on labour costs every time a floor sweeper is used.

When you hire a floor sweeper, you also save money on repairs, maintenance, servicing, and training because this is included.

Businesses can also lose money by having an unhealthy workplace because it leads to decreased productivity.

Cleaning products can last longer with efficient floor sweepers which lowers the cost of supplies.


  • Saves time

A floor sweeper takes a lot less time to cover a large area than manual sweeping. This makes your business more efficient with its time, allowing staff to do other tasks.

It is also quicker than manual sweeping which allows the area to be used again sooner.


  • It’s environmentally friendly

The DOSE patented dosing system optimises the use of cleaning agents which saves you money on cleaning supplies. It also saves you time on having to order products as you need to do this less and it is eco-friendly because it cuts down on carbon emissions by using less packaging from the products and less deliveries of cleaning products are needed.

The tank rinsing system results in water savings of up to 70% compared to cleaning with a regular hose.

Consumers are increasingly choosing brands who are prioritising sustainability, with four out of five people reporting they are likely to choose a brand with a positive approach to environmental sustainability.

Businesses are more likely to attract consumers by conducting themselves in an environmentally friendly way.


  • Healthy work environment

Every business must have a health and safety policy and comply with legal requirements regarding employee’s health.

Using a floor sweeper or other mechanical cleaning equipment can protect your staff from indoor air pollution, infections, and accidents.

When working in warehouses, factories, or construction, there can be a lot of dust which can lead to respiratory issues for staff. Floor sweepers have dust control systems which reduce and contain this when sweeping to help reduce air pollution for employee’s health and to prevent damage to expensive equipment.

Unhealthy staff leads to sickness absence which can lose an average of 30.4 days of productivity.

Slips, trips, and falls are the most common injury at work with 33%. This could lead to sickness absence, claims against your business, or fines from environmental health agencies. All this costs your business money which a regular cleaning schedule could prevent.


  • Attracting consumers

Especially since Covid, more consumers want to see signs of cleaning in businesses with 45% agreeing that seeing cleaning in progress would encourage them to return to physical premises.

When your business shows it is actively creating hygienic environments for staff and consumers, this reflects well on the business and can attract more customers.


How Do Floor Sweepers Work?

A floor sweeper is designed mainly to pick up dirt but there are other machines for more specific tasks that can be used in conjunction with them such as steam cleaners, pressure washers, and polishing machines.

A floor sweeper uses brushes to remove dirt from indoor and outdoor areas. The brushes can be adjusted for different flooring and the brushes rotate lifting dirt and depositing it in waste containers.


Some sweepers will also scrub and dry the floor at the same time by using a water tank that is fitted inside the machine and can easily be removed. A squeegee at the back of the vehicle dries the floor as it moves, so the user never has to walk on wet floor which can cause accidents. It also means the floor is instantly usable by customers without causing any inconvenience.


Types of Floor Sweeper

There are two main types of floor sweepers; a pedestrian or walk behind floor sweeper and a sit-on floor sweeper.

A pedestrian floor sweeper is more compact and can range from the size of a lawn mower to slightly larger models. They are suitable for tight or cluttered outdoor and indoor spaces and have raising hoppers to access dirt in hard-to-reach areas.

Sit-on floor sweepers are more suitable for larger areas. Ride-on floor sweepers are 60% more efficient than other products due to the reduction in a forward motion by the user.


What Surfaces Can Floor Sweepers Service?

Floor sweepers have adjustable brushes which can be moved to create different pressures for different floors.

There are also different types of brushes for certain floors. The brushes are colour coded to make it quick and easy to choose which one will best suit your job.

On tiled or polished surfaces, a lighter pressure should be used to avoid damaging the surface. On harder surfaces such as concrete floors, a more aggressive brush and pressure can be used, especially on uneven surfaces. There are even options for carpeted floors and options for a fluff compartment to collect the debris.


Different Features of Floor Sweepers

Most floor sweepers will have a standard set of features, however, some models will have extras, such as scrubbers.

The first choice is to choose whether a pedestrian or sit-on floor sweeper is best for your business.

Other features include:

  • Easy to use

It doesn’t take long to be able to work Karcher floor sweepers. The machine itself is colour coded, yellow parts are for operations and grey parts are for maintenance.

The display shows images for each mode, making it quick to choose which one to use. The LED display is clear and can be changed to select different languages.


  • Size

For larger areas it is more efficient for a sit-on floor sweeper.

The walk behind models are suitable for transporting because parts can be folded, and they are lightweight enough to lift over steps.

Both types of floor sweepers come in a range of sizes, and it is best to match the size of the machine to the range of area you need it to cover.


  • Easy collection of waste

Some machines can remove dirt while others can remove small pieces of litter, leaves, and debris. Other models have attachments at the side for litter pickers or brushes giving it more versatility.

For example, Karcher KM 75/40 W Walk Behind Sweeper can collect bulk waste up to 50mm in diameter.


  • Noise

If the sweeper is to be used at certain times of the day such as early morning or late at night in crowded areas, then a quieter model will suit you better.


  • Attachments

Certain brushes are suitable for certain flooring. If you are using the floor sweeper on polished areas, then a softer brush is needed. For uneven or concrete surfaces, a harsher brush can be used.

The brushes are colour coded to make it quick and easy to select which you need, and it only takes a few minutes to do this yourself.

The black and yellow brush is for normal use, white is for stubborn dirt, the natural fibre is a soft brush for dust, and black is for carpets.

Brush wear is shown on the easy-to-use display, so the brushes can be adjusted accordingly.


  • Getting rid of waste

How much waste you will collect will determine the amount of space you need in the waste containers. All containers will have optimal filling of the container, so you can go for longer.

The Karcher KM 85/50 W Medium Pedestrian Sweeper has a 50 litre mobile waste container with dust separator whereas the Karcher KM 105/100 Ride-On Vacuum Sweeper has a 100 litre waste container.

Some models will have one, some two, and some will have a chute at the back to empty the rubbish straight into waste disposal.


  • Water tank size

If you choose a combination floor sweeper and scrubber, you will need to decide on the best size of water tank for you.

The filling stops automatically when the tank is full, so it is safe, and the user doesn’t have to wait and oversee the filling.


Is It Better to Rent or Buy a Floor Sweeper?

There are lots of reasons why hiring a floor sweeper can be better for your business.

The main one, is not having a big expense upfront.

Buying a machine outright can cost from £2,000 up to £20,000. While it is an investment, many businesses will not have the cash flow to put up this amount of money.

By hiring a floor sweeper, you can spread the cost of the machine over time. You also can hire it for as long as you need it. If it is needed for six months then you only pay for those months, making the floor sweeper a fraction of the price.

When you purchase a floor sweeper, it is not just a one-off payment, you will also need to pay to maintain it, service it, and pay for any repairs throughout its life. Floor sweepers will last several years and there will be ongoing and possibly unexpected costs.

When you lease floor cleaning equipment with Kärcher Hire, we will maintain it, clean it, and service it using qualified engineers.

We also train you how to use it. Which saves you from having to spend time training staff yourself and you can be sure each member of staff is properly trained for health and safety reasons.

You will save money on repairs as hiring a floor sweeper from Kärcher Hire includes parts, breakdown response, and a replacement machine.

You may be able to calculate the money hiring a floor sweeper could save you, but the time and stress could be priceless.


How to Choose Who to Hire From?

When deciding on a hire company, there are several considerations you should review first.

  • Convenience

When can you get the machine and where is it coming from? If you are based in the UK, it is preferable to get a supplier who has machines in the UK, so you can get them quicker.

You will also want to check if the hire company offers next day delivery, such as we offer at Karcher Hire.

  • Flexibility on price

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a floor sweeper is that you don’t have a big expense upfront and that you can hire it only when you need it which helps to cut costs. Check that the hire company can offer you flexibility with timeframes. You don’t want to be locked into a contract for a year if you don’t need the floor sweeper for that length of time.

  • Reputation

It is quick and easy to find the companies with the best reputation. Karcher are one of the top companies worldwide for cleaning equipment and for good reason. Karcher machines are reliable and used by many businesses throughout the world.

  • Reviews

Always check what previous customers have to say about their experience. A company with many positive reviews is a better bet than one with few or negative reviews.

Karcher products have been chosen by reviewers as having the best lightweight cordless cleaner for the Karcher FC3 cordless hard floor cleaner and the best hard floor cleaner for big spaces, the Karcher FC5.


A floor sweeper is a smart choice to save your business money and time.

For more information on our floor cleaning machine hire, contact us today, or get a free quote tailored to your needs.

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