Guide to Floor Cleaning Machine Hire

Hiring a floor cleaning machine can save you money, time, and ensure your premises is safe for staff and customers.

If you’re considering renting a floor cleaning machine, this is the ultimate guide to discuss the benefits for your business, the different types, and how you can choose the right scrubber dryer for your business.


What is a floor cleaning machine?

A floor cleaning machine, also known as a scrubber dryer, is mechanical equipment that can do several cleaning jobs at once. It can remove dust, deep clean, polish, wax, or even strip flooring.

A floor cleaning machine also ensures the surface is cleaned thoroughly by reducing bacteria.


Why use a floor cleaning machine?

They are used in commercial premises to clean floors quickly and they only require one member of staff. They use less cleaning products and are more sustainable. A floor cleaning machine ultimately takes less time and saves money, making them a popular choice for businesses.


Reduces costs

A floor cleaning machine saves money in lots of ways, making it overall more economical than manual floor cleaning methods.

Labour costs are reduced because only one member of staff is needed.

When a floor cleaning machine is hired, you don’t have the initial purchase of the machine. It can be used for a small cost on a regular basis. Plus, you only hire it for as long as you need it. You can set the timeframe, such as six months or a year and only pay for this timeframe.

You also don’t need to pay for repairs or training because the hire company will do this, and they will service it using qualified engineers. They will provide parts, breakdown response, and a replacement machine, so you don’t have any unexpected bills.

Floor cleaning machines use less cleaning supplies with Kärcher’s DOSE patented dosing system, which means saving money on hygiene products and delivery. Kärcher provide specially formulated cleaners to match the machine for the best results. The detergents lower energy consumption and maximise the efficiency of the scrubber dryers.


Saves time

A floor cleaning machine can do multiple tasks at once. It can clean, wash, and dry a floor with one sweep, whereas this would take a member of staff much longer to do this and they would have to do each task one after another and not simultaneously.

This saves a lot of time and if you have an area of high traffic then the section being cleaned does not have to be out of bounds for long.

A floor cleaning machine covers a large area and allows staff to do more in a smaller amount of time.


It’s hygienic

The reason for cleaning is of course to provide a hygienic environment for staff or customers. A floor cleaning machine is more efficient at cleaning as it can kill up to 99.99% of common bacteria.

Outbreaks of illnesses can damage your reputation and lead to higher costs due to increased sickness absence.

Showing cleaning in action can also attract more consumers, with 45% agreeing that seeing cleaning would encourage them to return to physical premises.


Prevents Slips, trips, and falls

The most common injury at work is falling with 33%. The floor cleaning machine can dry the floor at the same time as washing it meaning staff never have to stand on wet surfaces.

It also prevents mishaps in customer facing businesses to avoid complaints and claims.


Environmentally Friendly

Floor cleaning machines are more sustainable in a variety of ways. They reduce the use of cleaning liquids, water, and energy consumption.

Certain models in the Karcher range include the eco! efficiency mode to reduce energy consumption and increase running time. They also use minimal water with up to 70% in water savings.

Using sustainable cleaning methods may also attract more customers. Consumers are increasingly prioritising sustainability. Around 45% of gen z consumers stopped purchasing from a brand because of sustainability concerns. If you show your brand puts the wellbeing of staff, customers, and the planet as a priority then consumers are more likely to shop with you.


How to work a floor cleaning machine

Kärcher’s floor cleaning machines are easy to use with grey areas on the equipment showing maintenance areas and yellow showing performance.

The displays have clear icons with a simple dashboard to choose from different programmes. The Intelligent Key System (KIK) enables the speed, brush pressure, water, and detergent dosing to be set for each operator, making it quick for each member to start floor cleaning, or making it easy for new members of staff to use.

Some of the models will also have language options, so that anyone can use them.

Kärcher machines can be used in just four easy steps:

1 – Apply clean water to the tank. This is easily done by placing the filling hose to the machine.

2 – Add detergent to the surface.

3 – The rotating brush or pad will lift the dirt from the floor.

4 – The machine will spread water on the area which will be vacuumed up leaving the area dry. Some models have a squeegee that lowers to dry your flooring.

It is best to plan a time to use your scrubber dryer that suits you. Generally, businesses use their machines when they are closed but this isn’t always possible. If you must clean while there is foot traffic on your premises, try to do it at the quietest time and choose a machine that is more compact and manoeuvrable for the safety of those on your premises. Some models also have flashing lights for health and safety.

It is best to go slowly over your surfaces for the best results. You may also choose to double scrub your surface. This means scrubbing it twice before drying to allow the detergent to do its job on the floor and kill bacteria. You don’t need any cleaning agent for the second scrub which helps to keep your costs down.

Types of floor cleaning machines

There are three types of floor scrubber dryers. These are walk-behind scrubber dryers, step-on scrubber dryers, or ride-on scrubber dryers.


Walk-behind scrubber dryers

Walk-behind models are used like a lawnmower. You stand behind it and move it forwards.

It is best for smaller areas and places with high foot fall or awkward spaces. It is suitable for corridors and retail stores as it is highly manoeuvrable and quiet.

It is easy to transport as it can move easily up steps or parts of it folded down to transport. Plus, it is lightweight to make it possible for anyone to move it.

It is easy for one person to use as it is compact and items like the tank can be removed with one hand.

Floor scrubber in shopping centre

Step-on scrubber dryers

Step-on floor cleaning machines mean the user stands on a platform behind the machine. It is manoeuvrable like the walk-behind machine but quick like the ride-on versions.

Step on scrubber dryer in a shop

Ride-on scrubber dryers

Just like a ride-on lawnmower, you sit on these scrubber dryers while they do the work for you. You simply move the wheel in the direction you want to go. They are best for larger spaces. There is a wide range of ride-on models to choose from including more compact models or ones like the Kärcher B 300 R I combination ride-on sweeper and scrubber dryer.

What surfaces can floor cleaning machines service?

Floor cleaning machines can suit indoor and outdoor surfaces. There are different brushes and pads that suit different surfaces and can be adjusted for pressure. For polished or gentle cleans, a softer brush is better whereas a harder surface such as concrete, can have a firmer brush.

The brushes are colour-coded to make it quicker to select which one you need.

  • White is the softest brush to prevent scratching.
  • Blue is ideal for carpets or other sensitive surfaces as it is softer.
  • An orange brush is ideal for uneven or textured surfaces. It can be used low or high, to give a deeper clean.
  • A red brush has a medium firmness for various textures.
  • A green brush is hard
  • A black brush is very hard for hard wearing surfaces.

There is also the choice of discs for smooth floors which are suitable for polished surfaces and for maintenance cleans rather than deep cleans. Roller brushes create up to 10 times more down pressure which may not be suitable for these types of flooring.

Why rent a floor cleaning machine?

Floor cleaning machines range from £2,000 up to £20,000. This can be a considerable upfront cost to some businesses, especially if you aren’t sure which machine is right for you.

Hiring a floor cleaning machine instead of purchasing it has several benefits.

You do not have to purchase the equipment for an upfront cost.

You may not be sure if you will use it enough to justify purchasing this equipment.

You may already know that you only need the machine for a certain number of months of the year or for a seasonal business. When you hire a floor cleaning machine you only pay for how long you need it and then you can give it back without having the hassle of maintaining it.

Hiring a machine give you more flexibility to try different models until you find the one that is right for you and gives the best value.

At Kärcher Hire we maintain the equipment, service it, train you how to use it, repair it, and provide a replacement if needed. This makes renting a floor cleaner more economical and less hassle for you.


How to choose the right floor cleaning machine for your business

The multitude of options may make it confusing for you to decide on which machine is right for your business. Here are some things to consider when deciding on the best floor cleaner for you.



There is a range of sizes of floor cleaning machine. There are the main three types to choose from. A walk-behind, a step-on machine, or a ride-on scrubber dryer.

Walk-behind models will generally be more compact and are suitable for smaller or more awkward areas. They require more physical effort which can make it difficult in larger spaces.

If you are using your machine for a warehouse or large area, then you can go for as big a machine as possible to cover the area quickly.


Water tank

There are different ranges of water tank sizes, and you will need to work out what size will suit you best. You do not want to have to keep refilling the tank unnecessarily because it will take you longer to complete your task.


Power source

There are different battery-operated options. If you have a larger space, you will need your batteries to run for longer. Certain models have large capacity batteries, and many models can be controlled to save energy so the machine can run for longer. The eco! Efficiency mode also extends the battery life.


The type of surface

If you will be working on several different types of flooring, then you will have to ensure the scrubber dryer you choose can be altered for each type or ensure you get the right brushes.

Brushes can be adjustable to change the pressure on the flooring too.

For tiled floors, you will need a softer brush to avoid any scratches, for a concrete floor, you will need a firmer brush to ensure you remove the dirt and grease.

Certain models have the availability of both brushes and discs.



Depending on your business, you may need a quieter model. Some models will be noisier than others and some have a noise reduction function.


With plenty of floor cleaning machines options, it will be easy to choose one that suits your business best, saving you time, money, and stress.

For more information on our floor cleaning machine hire, contact us today, or get a free quote, tailored to your needs.

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