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Hire a wide range of industrial, ride-on, pedestrian, and step-on floor Scrubber Dryers with Next Day Delivery throughout the UK. Our Kärcher Scrubber Dryers are a perfect way to bring your commercial & industrial floor cleaning performance to peak perfection. Renting a scrubber dryer from Kärcher Hire brings speedy floor cleaning and spotlessly shiny results. Economical, easy to use and top-performing – plus full training and servicing provided when you rent your Scrubber Dryer from Kärcher Hire.

Scrubber Dryer Hire Guide

Read our floor scrubber hire guide to help you decide which machine is right for you, or call our friendly team for assistance.


Why a scrubber dryer is an essential piece of cleaning equipment


Floor scrubbing may be one of your least-favourite cleaning tasks, especially when you have a big – or potentially very dirty – surface to clean.


Rather than putting your own elbow grease into making your floors sparkling clean, make your life quicker and easier with the help of an essential piece of cleaning equipment we think every business should make use of – a scrubber dryer brush.


Don’t rely on mops and buckets to get the job done when you could call in the power of automatic machinery that can get the job done perfectly and give you more time to focus on your other tasks.


Although scrubber dryers can be expensive pieces of equipment, any business can rent them out for relatively low prices whenever they need them. This cuts down on your expenses and means you don’t have to worry about the costs of maintaining any of your own equipment.


If you think your business could benefit from a scrubber dryer, keep on reading to find out everything you could need to know about them.


What is a floor scrubber dryer machine?


A floor scrubber dryer machine is a piece of cleaning equipment that can be used as a replacement for traditional mop and bucket cleaning.


This effective method of cleaning floors is extremely powerful so works hard to apply cleaning solution and scrub your floors until they are as clean as can be.


In one pass they apply your cleaning liquid, scrub the floors, and dry the surface so there’s nothing left for you to do.


It allows you to clean more areas in less time, making it perfect for use in any business that needs to clean large areas or surfaces quickly.


Kärcher Hire are part of the Kärcher group and are the official hire company for Kärcher floor scrubber dryers. These are among the most effective at removing dirt, dust, and other tough residues from your hard floors, with minimal effort required by the operator.


Whether you need to give your floors some quick maintenance or require more heavy-duty deep cleaning, polishing, or stripping, these machines deliver an outstanding performance every time.


What types of floor scrubbers are there?


There are two main types of floor scrubber that we recommend to most businesses; ride-on floor scrubbers and walk-behind floor scrubbers.


On each of the different types of floor scrubbers, you can attach various disc or roller brush heads that can be used in a variety of cleaning applications.


If you’re working on a smooth floor, we recommend using a disc head to reduce any scratches or scuffs. Whereas if you need intense cleaning, roller brushes create up to 10 times more down pressure, to remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime.


Here’s more about the two most common types of floor scrubbers:


  1. Ride-on floor scrubbers


It doesn’t get easier than a ride-on floor scrubber. On these machines, the operator can simply take a seat on the machine and drive it around to clean the desired areas.


These are ideal for large spaces where you need robust and powerful performance, with no compromises.


Overcome even the toughest cleaning challenges in a breeze, whilst also increasing your team’s productivity.


  1. Walk-behind floor scrubbers


If you’re a bit more limited on space, you may prefer using a walk-behind floor scrubber. This is where the operator manually pushes the machine forward as it cleans, through a handle at the back.


Perfect for cluttered spaces like warehouses, in between tight aisles in a shop or in school corridors, this type of scrubber dryer is extremely easy to manoeuvre and is a lot quieter than a ride-on machine. This makes it ideal for use when you don’t want to cause too much disruption.


Why hire a scrubber dryer for your business?


For many businesses, hiring a scrubber dryer for floor cleaning is the best option when compared to purchasing their own machine.


Here are some of the benefits that come with hiring a scrubber dryer brush.


Saves space


Scrubber dryers can be big and bulky pieces of machinery, and not every business has the space to store these at all times.


When you hire a machine, you only have to keep it on your premises for a short period of time. Therefore, saving the space for other important things your business needs.


Saves time


Cleaning can be a pain that takes up a lot of your time, especially when you’re doing everything by hand.


Using a scrubber dryer is the fastest and most efficient way to get your cleaning done to a professional level – without having to actually call in the professionals!


In one sweep you can clean and dry your floors, in just a fraction of the time it would normally take you to use a mop and bucket.


Saves money


Hiring a scrubber dryer is a much more cost-efficient way of paying for your cleaning equipment. These types of machines can be very expensive when purchased outright, and then you have to consider the costs of repairs and ongoing maintenance – which quickly add up.


Plus, if you don’t require the cleaner every day, it could be wasted money that’s just sitting out back.


When you hire a machine, you end up paying less money, even if you use it for the long-term. But especially if you plan to only use the machine a few times a week it is especially cost-effective as you only have to pay when you actually need the machine.


Scrubber dryer hire near me


At Kärcher Hire, we provide businesses across the UK with a wide range of floor scrubbers, floor polishers and scrubber dryers to hire.


Our range of equipment promises excellent results, removing any dirt or grime in an instant.


Whether you need short-term, or long-term contract hire, we can help you clean your floors to a professional finish every time, with next day UK delivery available on all orders.


If you’d like to talk to us more about your floor cleaning needs, get in touch today and get your free quote.


Clean your business with minimal disruption

Whether you run a hotel, hospital, supermarket or warehouse, it can be difficult to find the perfect opportunity to clean your floors without disrupting business. After all, you can’t always close off an entire area while you wait for the floor to dry. If you want to keep your floors looking their best without causing too much disruption, a Kärcher Floor Scrubber could be just the tool you’re looking for.

Our scrubber dryers will clean and dry your floors at record speed. Gone are the days where cleaning staff have to spend hours cleaning floors with a mop and bucket. A scrubber dryer will clean up spillages, remove stubborn stains, and leave your premises looking its best.

Hiring scrubber dryer from Kärcher Hire is Cost Effective

The cost of Scrubber Dryers is often the biggest obstacle standing between businesses and scrubber dryers. With each machine costing thousands of pounds, purchasing one outright can be extremely difficult.

This is why renting a scrubber dryer can be cost effective. Whether you’d like to hire a machine for a long term or short term period, we have a full range of industrial floor cleaners and floor scrubbers available.

Kärcher’s team of designers, engineers and hygiene experts have spent years honing every one of our machines to become what they are now. We’ve tested an abundance of tools, technologies, and cleaning detergents to find the perfect combinations.

Our scrubber dryers are designed to be used on a variety of surfaces including hardwood, painted concrete and ceramic floor tiles.

We can also provide your scrubber dryer with a selection of pads and brushes that are designed to suit various surfaces and different types of dirt.

Kärcher Hire also provide training, servicing, parts and repairs for your hired Scrubber Dryers.

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We pride ourselves on being able to offer the following to all our valued customers:

– Next Day Delivery anywhere in the UK (subject to location & availability)
– Free site visits and advice, ensuring you hire the right machine for the application
– Flexible hire periods, from 2 days to 5 years
– Maintenance included as standard
– Full training on delivery of your equipment
– Quality, modern fleet, maintained to ISO9001:2008 standards
– Breakdown response

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