Kärcher Water Dispenser WPD 50 Water Cooler

Hire our space-saving WPD 50 water dispenser. This compact machine supplies both chilled and ambient fresh water and is available for long term rent with great rates and flexible options.

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Kärcher Water Dispenser WPD 50 Water Cooler

Hire our space-saving WPD 50 water dispenser. This compact machine supplies both chilled and ambient fresh water and is available for long term rent with great rates and flexible options.


Flexible mains fed water dispenser hire. This small, compact, space-saving water cooler is available for rent direct from Kärcher.
Our WPD 50 water dispenser is ideal for use in places where space is limited, such as in meeting rooms, office kitchens, waiting rooms or in the retail sector. Simply connect it to the drinking water network and it can supply colleagues, patients or guests with an unlimited supply of chilled or ambient still water – and obviously with perfect hygienic drinking water quality. Our highly-efficient and improved Hy-Pure-Plus filter reliably eliminates substances such as chlorine or heavy metals, which are harmful or negatively affect the taste of the water, as well as viruses and bacteria. The filter, comprising an activated carbon filtration membrane and an ultra-filtration membrane, reliably ensures fresh water with an excellent taste. The WPD 50 also offers significant time and cost savings compared to conventional drinking systems. In addition, water dispensers protect the environment since it is no longer necessary to procure, dispose of, transport or store bottles or gallons.


  • Water dispenser with contact protection
  • Positioning aid for the drinking vessel
  • Drip tray with filling level indicator
  • Drip tray draining, Without drain
  • Table version
  • Electronic package, Basic
  • Hygienic cleaning, chemical
  • “Hy-Pure-Plus” combination filter


Compact design

The perfect fit where there is limited available space. Intuitive operating concept with easy-to-read sensor buttons. Clearly recognisable dispensing area for optimal positioning of the drinking vessel.

Powerful Hy-Pure-Plus filter comprising activated carbon filter and ultra filter

The active-pure filter ensures the best taste and removes chlorine and heavy metals from the pipe. Ultrafilter protects against bacteria and viruses. Chemical cleaning of all water-conducting lines, the cooling module and water dispensing valve.

Affordable enjoyment

No handling and transport costs compared with gallons or bottled water.

Fresh water for any occasion and any taste

For hygienically safe drinking water that can be used both for drinking and cooking.

Technical Information

Voltage (Ph/V/Hz) 1 / 220 - 240 / 50
Input pressure without carbonation (bar) 1.5 / max. 6
Water output, ambient (l/h) max. 85
Water output, still, chilled (l/h) max. 15
Water supply 3/4″
Length of connection (m) 2
Rated input power (W) max. 200
Inlet temperature (°C) 5 - up to 30
Coolant R290
Amount of Coolant (kg) 0.03
Cold water yes
Uncooled water yes
Number of users <= 25
Water outlet height (mm) 290
Weight without accessories (kg) 16.7
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 17.5
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 20.8
Table top unit dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 445 x 300 x 395
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 449 x 298 x 399

User Manuals

Water Dispenser WPD 50 Product Information Download
Water Dispenser WPD 50 iNSTRUCTIONS Download

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