Choosing the Right Industrial Cleaning Machines

Whether you work in a private office, retail or leisure facilities, or a public institution like a school or hospital, visitors will expect your floors to look spick and span. While it’s important to make a good impression, having a professionally clean floor can be more important than just that. For example, a dirty floor could lead to complaints on health and safety grounds or simply make the difference between having a repeat customer and one who never returns. To ensure your floors command only the right kind of attention, you need to find the best method for removing dirt and grime through scrubbing or sweeping.

In the not-so-good old days, the only tools for cleaning floors were a dustpan and broom, or a mop and bucket. Both required a lot of hard physical effort and the results often left a lot to be desired. Using a broom often creates as much dust as it collects while mops tend to spread the dirt rather than remove it. In addition, they’re considerably less time-efficient – the tools may be cheaper than a mechanical sweeper or scrubber but you’ll spend more over time on the cost of labour. In contrast, a mechanical sweeper or scrubber will give you perfect results every time and in no time at all.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Industrial Cleaning Machines

In choosing the right kind of cleaner for your floors, there are several factors to consider. For example, what kind of dirt or debris most regularly needs removing? Is it litter and spills, or grime that is tougher to dislodge? Another question is whether your mechanical sweeper or scrubber is to be used mainly outdoors or indoors, or a combination of both. For example, large retail stores will require a machine to clean mainly indoors, while a sports facility with a range of different playing surfaces both indoor and outdoor will require a different kind of machine altogether.

Size is also important when it comes to making a choice. For example, you need to have a machine capable of cleaning the required area in a reasonable time frame but able to maneuvre easily within the designated space. A large machine may cover more floor space quickly but if it isn’t able to turn easily and clean in smaller areas, it may not be the most suitable machine. You should consider such issues to evaluate the cleaning performance of any machine in the number of square metres it can cover per hour.

Sweepers vs. Scrubbers

These two types of machines perform very different cleaning functions. Sweepers are the best solution for gathering dry dust and debris while scrubbers are better for removing stains, grease and other dirt that is harder to remove.

Sweeping machines employ a cylindrised brush which rotates against the direction the machine is moving in, removing dirt and debris in the process. The rubbish collected by the sweeper is then deposited in a hopper, using either a vacuum suction system or by throwing the dirt. With an over-throw machine, the collection hopper is located at the rear and the driver at the front of the sweeper, making maneuverability easier.

Scrubber dryers remove grease and tough stains by applying water and detergent to the floor. Once the floor is prepared this way, a system of one, two or even three brushes scrubs the floor. The number of brushes will depend on the cleaning width required. Most brushes can also be adjusted according to the pressure required – this ensures that each operation is suitable to the task at hand, making them energy and cost-efficient. When the scrubbing operation is complete, the dirty water is gathered in a collection tank. This waste-water tank may be detachable, making it easy to empty manually like a bucket. Alternatively, a drainage outlet may be installed beneath the base of the tank for easy disposal.

Mechanical floor sweepers and scrubber dryers come in all shapes and sizes, from compact models that can maneuver in small spaces to large models that can be driven around vast floor spaces. Whatever type of floors you’re looking to clean, you can find a mechanical cleaner to suit your needs. If you haven’t already, it’s time to put away the mop and broom and switch to a machine that can clean your floors quickly and professionally. You’ll be ‘floored’ by the results!

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