How Do Scrubber Dryers Work?

Scrubber drying machines are designed to perform two different kinds of cleaning job simultaneously – scrubbing from a rotary cleaning machine and drying from a vacuum-like suction operation. With a single pass from a scrubber dryer, a previously dirty floor will be not only clean but bone dry, allowing people to walk on it immediately. This makes the cleaning capacity of scrubber dryers very suitable for public and commercial facilities which have heavy human traffic, and where wet floors could cause safety issues as well as inconvenience.

Most scrubber dryers are made of the following components: a clean water tank; a vacuum unit; a squeegee and collection tank; and a control panel. Let’s look at each in turn to understand its function.

Clean Water Tank.

This part can be as small as a vacuum cleaner or large enough to drive around on. The clean water tank sits above the rotary head within the main body of the machine. Water is fed from the tank through a brush by means of a manual gravity system or an automated system. After getting dirt and debris off the floor, the machine vacuums up any remaining waste solution.

Vacuum Unit.

This is located within the collection tank. It is protected from water thanks to a float valve which cuts off the vacuum operation in the event the waste water level becomes too high.

Squeegee and Collection Tank.

The squeegee sits at the back of the machine and trails behind it when the machine is in motion. It is wider than the machine itself – usually half again – so that it can collect any waste when the machine turns. The squeegee is, in turn, connected to an adjustable outrigger – this allows it to be automatically raised or lowered when the floor surface is uneven. The waste goes into the collection via an intake tube. The tank also has a drainage outlet below its base for simple and effective drainage. Some models have a detachable collection tank, allowing it to be manually emptied like a bucket.

Control Panel.

This enables the scrubber dryer operator to control the on/off operation of the solution pump and vacuum unit. The control panel typically sits within the machine’s handle itself, or close to it, for easy access. Higher-priced models may also incorporate an indicator, allowing the operator to see the levels in the solution and collection tanks. An hour meter may also be built into the control panel, giving the operator information about the machine’s running time.

Cleaner dryers come in both cable and battery versions. While the biggest models allow the operator to drive the machine over a large area to be cleaned, mid-sized walk-behind models are also very popular in environments such as hospitals, train stations, shopping malls and schools. For narrow spaces like offices and smaller retail units, compact scrubber dryers come with foldable handles and other adjustments to enable the operator to maneuver more easily.

Whatever size area you need to clean, you can find a scrubber dryer designed to fit your needs. With their ergonomic design and cleaning power, a scrubber dryer will leave your floors dry and spotless without any need for hard labour.

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