Keep Your Floors Clean during the Wet Months

Summer’s almost gone and the October sunshine will soon be replaced by our fair isle’s more typical weather – a mixture of showers and rain. There’s no escaping the fact that the UK is a wet place and, as a result, many businesses suffer from wet and dirty floors. Using a mop and bucket to clean up takes a long time. Not only that but using this method is notoriously ineffective, simply spreading the water and dirt around rather than actually getting the floor clean and dry. Luckily, a solution is at hand for suffering businesses– scrubber dryers.

Wet Floor Problems

Stepping from outside to inside, employees and visitors are bound to bring dirt and water in with them. This not only looks ugly and creates a bad impression for your business but is also a serious hazard. Wet floors can become treacherously slippery very quickly and employees and visitors can easily cause themselves an injury if they slip and fall.

Even if you’ve put up a ‘Caution Wet Floor’ warning sign in the entrance or lobby, this may not be enough to protect individuals or your business if an accident occurs. While you may be able to cope if you’ve only got small business premises, it’s a lot harder if you’re running a large shopping centre, sports facility, hospital or school. It’s simply not practical to use old-fashioned methods like a mop and bucket. Instead, you need an industrial scrubber dryer that can tackle a large area in a fraction of the time, leaving your business floors spotless and safe to walk on.


How Scrubber Dyers Work

Scrubber dryers clean by applying water and detergent to the floor. Once prepared, a system of scrubbing with two or even three brushes – depending on the cleaning width required – ensures the removal of even hard to dislodge dirt and grime. After the scrubbing operation is complete, all the cleaning fluid and water is collected using a vacuum powered squeegee.

The dirty water is then gathered in a collection tank for easy disposal, leaving floors bone dry and safe to walk on straight away. Used in business lobbies, halls or walkways, scrubber dryers can quickly turn a wet and dirty floor into a clean and safe one. You no longer need to worry about the safety of visitors and employees and can get rid of that warning sign.

Scrubber Dryers for Large or Small Floors

There are two main types of scrubber dryers; walk behind scrubber dryers and larger versions that the operator rides on. You can choose the model that best suits your business, depending on the amount of floor space you need to cover and how much maneuverability you require. Smaller walk behind models will cover less floor space quickly but you can access any narrow areas more easily. When choosing a model, calculate the amount of square metres per hour of floor space that can be covered.

Floor scrubbers are typically battery operated so there’s no need for trailing leads that may create another safety hazard. In addition, they are very easy to use with the control panel usually sitting in the machine’s handle for easy access. As no specific operator training is required, anyone could use one to tackle a dirty or dangerous floor. Even a small walk behind scrubber dryer will transform a wet and dirty lobby or entrance in no time at all.

Don’t wait for the winter months to tackle the problem of wet and dirty floors. With a scrubber dryer on hand, your business will be on a firm footing.

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