How To Clean Non Slip Flooring

Non slip flooring reduces the risk of slips and falls, which is why it is popular in nursing homes, hospitals and other public facilities that accommodate people who are more frail or vulnerable.  In the private sector, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and swimming pools also tend to adopt this type of flooring, so that they can reduce the chance of customers falling and hurting themselves.

However, the benefit of a good grip is also the precise reason why non slip flooring is so hard to clean.  In fact, when one tries to simply mop the area, it would appear almost impossible for the dirt to come off.  Instead, dirt either just gets spread from place to place, or stubbornly stays in the same spot no matter what you do.  So, how should you go about cleaning this type of surface?

Using Supermarket Cleaner

Unfortunately, generic surface cleaners and bleaching solutions you find in supermarkets will not be much help when it comes to cleaning non slip flooring.  Although they are cheap to use and are widely available, these tend to be too mild to cut through grease and other build-up, rendering them practically useless when it comes to cleaning non slip surfaces.

In the hope of achieving better results, some people have tried using dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent instead.  It may appear to work at first, but bear in mind that they will leave a residue sitting on the surface.  Over time, this will accumulate and become a slippery coating to your flooring.  So, despite having a non slip floor, you may find yourself slipping all over the place!


Using The Right Type Of Mop

Aside from not using cheap generic products, you will also need to invest in the right type of mop.  Not all mops can handle textured flooring, so having a mop suitable for this type of floor will definitely make your life a lot easier.  For example, if you use a sponge mop to clean, you will likely find yourself feeling infuriated as it sheds little bits while you work the area.  A rag mop on the other hand, will not shed when you clean, and will do a better job at picking up dirt rather than simply spreading it around.


Using A Scrubber Drier Machine

Ultimately, the best way to combat the grease and grime on your floor is to use a scrubber drier machine. These clever machines will wet your floor with water, then lift the same water and all the dirt out of tiny crevices along your floor, leaving it spotlessly clean.

Once you have a clean surface, then you can implement an easy maintenance schedule, where you do a simple mopping regularly to keep the floor spic and span.

Having a non slip floor goes a long way to prevent slips and falls, but these surfaces must be maintained correctly, or you will end up with an unhygienic room that imposes health risks in a different way.


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