How to Keep a clean carpet in winter

How will your carpet survive this winter?  Have you got a special carpet cleaning regime that works well for you?  Carpet care is important at any time of the year, but when it comes to the dark months of winter, you need to pull out a few more stops to ensure your carpet stays clean and comfortable.

What’s the big deal?

The harsh months of winter means more dirt, mud, snow, ice, salt and water are brought into the home.  If not properly dealt with, the build-up of these substances could lead to staining, damage to carpet fibres, slips and falls and even mould.


Prevention is better than cure

Whilst regularly cleaning and maintaining your carpet will definitely help, the best way to keep your carpet in top condition is to prevent dirt from coming in in the first place.  Although it might sound obvious, use walk-off mats whenever possible to keep the carpet clean.  Place them strategically both inside and outside the home where the main foot traffic occurs.

Doormats are fantastic at removing salt, sand and chemicals from shoes and boots, but make sure you choose a heavy duty one rather than one that simply looks good.  Also, it would be wise to pick a doormat that is relatively long.  Since it takes around 3 to 4 steps to get dirt off shoes, your mat should be long enough to capture all that comes off.  If you can get track mats that extend for 6 to 15 feet, then you will be able to catch most of the soil and moisture.

A regular cleaning schedule

Believe it or not, you really need to use a  vacuum cleaner daily in the colder months.  Carpets are often damp in winter, and if left to remain damp all the time, there is a good chance that mould will eventually develop.  Apart from having an unpleasant smell around your home, mound can also trigger reactions for those who are sensitive to allergies.  A good daily vacuum will help to combat damp and mould.

Although many new carpets come with water repellent qualities, it is still worth using a fabric or carpet protector to further protect your carpet.  Choose one that repels water, so your carpet can stay dry for longer.

Should you wet clean your carpet?

When wet cleaning carpets in winter, it can take around 7 hours or more for the carpet to fully dry.  During this time, you need to steer clear of the carpet to let it dry out naturally.  To avoid the hassle that comes with wet cleaning, why not consider dry cleaning your carpet instead?  You will have dry carpets immediately, meaning everyone in the home can use it right away.

Whether you have brand new carpets or old ones that have seen better days, regular cleaning and maintenance is vital to prevent damage and maintain an attractive appearance.  It might involve a bit of time and effort, but it will ultimately lead to a more relaxing, sweet smelling and comfortable home.

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