Time to Clean? Time to get Steamy!

Are you about to embark on another deep cleaning mission? Are you ready to take on another bout of grime-busting, elbow-greasing tasks in order to obtain an immaculate gleam? Are you physically drained by the amount of time and effort your cleaning responsibilities require? Do you need something to help you speed the whole process up a bit?

It seems as though it’s time to step-up your cleaning game. It looks as though it’s time to put down your broom and scouring brush. Because when it’s time to clean – it’s time to get steamy!


Steam Cleaning

Yeah that’s right; forget the rubber gloves and harsh chemicals and use steam instead to get rid of your grime! The logic is simple – dirt has adhesive qualities that make it stick to all surface types. Using heat generated by steam will melt this adhesive and the moisture will dilute it away; allowing you to wipe the dirt clean with the wipe of a cloth.


The Benefits of Using a Steam Cleaner

  • Natural source using just clean water
  • No requirement for potentially harmful and expensive chemicals
  • No toxic residues are left behind
  • The heat from steam kills bacteria
  • Environmentally friendly as well
  • Extremely versatile


Killing Bacteria and Microorganisms

Perhaps the most beneficial element of a steam cleaner is that it has the capability to sanitise and deodorise without using a chemical go-between. The hot steam vapour is a natural sanitising agent that destroys germs, viruses, dust mites and bacteria. This is a wonderful advantage for those who have children or pets and wish to keep an infection free environment.

Steam cleaners also do not require the adage of harsh chemicals so no toxins are left behind that can potentially harm your skin. Only the natural product of water is used throughout the whole process. The ability for steam cleaners to instantly kill dust mites, fleas, eggs and larvae is also a distinctive plus; as well as killing traces of MRSA, salmonella and listeria.


Steam Can Handle it All!

A steam cleaner can be used in countless areas and scenarios, from small domestic usage to large industrial applications. Steam can literally handle it all, helping you to:

  • Clean your bathroom;
  • Clean your kitchen;
  • Clean furniture;
  • Unclog drains;
  • Remove wallpaper;
  • Kill dust mites and mould;
  • Remove pet stains and odours;
  • Clean windows and sliding glass doors.


No Smell, No Mess and No Nonsense

Many of us would associate the smell of cleanliness with harsh cleaning chemicals and the associated smell of ammonia. However, with a stream cleaner the smell is completely neutral and always fresh! This supersedes the traditional method of using cleaning products, or an old mop and bucket. What’s best is that you do not have to empty a bucket of filthy water when you are finished, as the steam evaporates into the air.


Get Yourself a Steam Cleaner

Before you start your next large-scale cleaning job, consider either purchasing or hiring a steam cleaner. Here at Clean Sweep we can help you find and choose the best cleaner to suit your budget and requirements. Get in touch today to find out more.


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