5 Industrial Pressure Washer Tips

Industrial Pressure washers provide a quick, effortless and efficient method of washing many things – from cleaning commercial vehicles to effective hygienic cleaning within the food industry. However, there are right ways to use a pressure washer and wrong ways to use one too.

1. Contain the power of your Pressure Washer

Industrial pressure washers are very powerful – have you ever felt on full blast against your skin? The bruise lasts for weeks (please do not try)! If you are attempting to clean something that has a painted finish, it is extremely important you test the power of your washer settings first; otherwise you may end up removing the paintwork. Often, the pressure and power can be adjusted at the nozzle end, so make sure yours is on the right setting.


Always begin spraying a few feet away from any object and move the nozzle/wand from side to side a couple of times to check for any damage. If the object is not cleaning, maybe your power is too low and needs to be turned up. If the power is all the way up and the object is still not cleaning, try moving your wand closer to it.

2. Choose the Appropriate Nozzle

This one is common sense really, but choosing the right nozzle is essential to getting the job done properly. Most industrial pressure washers come with interchangeable nozzles and tips, each one suited to a different type of cleaning task. For example, you will often have a nozzle that is meant for spraying detergent and therefore does not allow a lot of pressure to escape out of it. Whereas, the nozzle used to rinse/clean allows much more force through it. As a general rule of thumb – the smaller the nozzle’s angle, the more powerful the jet stream.

3. Avoid Using Unnecessary Chemicals

Ideally, you should only use cleaning products and chemicals that have either been supplied or approved by the pressure washer manufacturer. Any other chemicals may be too harsh and therefore may damage your machine. Also, considering the immense power and cleaning ability of an industrial pressure washer, you probably won’t even need to use any chemicals anyway.

4. Always Plan Your Cleaning Tasks

One of the worst things you can do with a pressure washer is to just pick one up and starting blasting it around gung-ho. You should be mindful of windows, flower beds, air vents, light fixtures, etc. Fragile items will almost definitely break if you aim your pressure washer directly at them so it is important that you thoroughly plan your cleaning schedule beforehand. Always keep your wand pointed down and your finger off the trigger when not in use; this way you can avoid any unnecessary accidents.

5. Sweeping from Left to Right

Much similar to painting a wall, spraying in every direction without thought may cause you to miss spots or go over the same spots too many times unnecessarily. Random sprays are not thorough enough and will lead to a shoddy cleaning job. Instead, spray from left to right (or right to left – it doesn’t matter) in a steady and smooth fashion. This will ensure you clean evenly and you do not miss any spots. To prevent wet streaks, start from the top of whatever you are cleaning and work your way to the bottom.
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