Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Construction Equipment

Cleaning construction equipment may seem like one of those tasks you can put off forever. Nobody cares about the aesthetics of your machinery; they just want you to get the job done; but in reality a clean machine is an efficient machine.

If your equipment is covered in mud, dust and grease, chances are that same material is coating the inside too. Any foreign body is likely to impact the efficiency of your equipment, and potentially jeopardise your ability to complete a job on time.

When hiring industrial cleaning equipment it is important to know exactly what you require, as there are specialist tools for individual jobs.

For example, if you are removing a combination of materials then there are many industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaners which can effortlessly extrude both of these from most construction equipment.

You can also avoid lengthy jobs by preventing a build-up of dirt in the first place. Having a dust-free environment helps your workers stay active and healthy in the workplace, and several Kärcher machines can be connected directly to a miller, sander or drill in order to extract dust straight from the source.

Why Industrial Pressure Washers are perfect for cleaning construction equipment…

It is not always possible to remove dry materials such as dust, dyes or concrete with a suction method, so in this instance an industrial pressure washer working with up to 350 bar of pressure should be enough to remove even the most stubborn dirt.

Always adjust your washer from a low setting upwards in order to figure out an optimum PSI which won’t damage the surface. Once you find the sweet spot you can often avoid the use of harsh cleaning products, and save a whole lot of time in the process.

When grease and grime are a problem it may be time to introduce heat or detergents into the equation. Hot water makes easy work of oil and grease deposits, but make sure that the equipment you are cleaning can handle high temperatures.

Dismantle any loose or removable parts from the equipment and work from the top downwards for the most efficient use of the washer.

If stubborn spots won’t budge you can either focus the nozzle for a more intense pressure, or employ the use of a specialist detergent.

As you can see there are various options when it comes to maintaining and cleaning construction equipment, so there’s no excuse not to get it right. Not only will you help maintain a strong level of performance, you’ll also save money on expensive repairs which could have been avoided.

And at the end of the day it’s simply more professional to arrive on site with a fleet of clean, well maintained machinery. You wouldn’t turn up to a meeting in an un-ironed shirt, so don’t start that important new project with a load of grubby, poorly maintained equipment.

If you need help on finding the right industrial cleaning solutions for your construction equipment, contact Clean Sweep UK now on 0844 967 1930 and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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