Floor Polishing Machines – Which Colour Pad Should I Use?

Which colour pad should I use with my floor polishing machine? It’s a question mankind has struggled with for millennia. The Ancient Greeks were thought to have discovered the answer after struggling to buff the floor of the Parthenon, but this information was lost during the destruction of the Library of Alexandria in 391 AD.


However, in an attempt to rekindle a thirst for knowledge not seen since the days of antiquity, we have put together the finest minds at Clean Sweep UK in an attempt to bring you this ancient knowledge. So now, without further ado, we present you with our guide to which colour pad to use on your floor polishing machine. *cue trumpets*




This cleaning pad can also be used for moderate scrubbing or heavy spray cleaning, if you’re feeling in the mood. These will dull a floor’s finish and are best used on unfinished concrete or garage floors. But beware, for there are other blue pads which are specifically for high speed buffing. Get these mixed up and you’re either buffing for nothing or ruining a very nicely finished floor.




These multipurpose pads can be used for different tasks depending on how wet you want to get. When damp these pads clean up your floor like a treat. Then once the pad and the floor are dry you can use a maroon pad to buff for a lovely finish. These are ideal for both spray cleaning and shifting scuff marks.




If you don’t know the difference between maroon and red, maroon is your mum’s lipstick now, red is her lipstick twenty years ago. Red pads are only good for buffing, but you can use them dry or with spray to remove scuff marks and give that floor a dazzling shine like never before. Fancy that.




We’re talking a beige tan colour here, not Made in Chelsea bright orange. Tan pads are for polishing a synthetic or natural surface. Just like a regular tan, they are best used if you want to bring an old surface back to life. Stick these fellas on a low speed machine and their gently abrasive nature will bring up floors a treat.




White pads are extremely soft, so they’re best used when polishing a high gloss in a non-aggressive manner, by which we mean at low speeds, not polishing floors with a grimace on your face. Don’t use these on textured surfaces on raw concrete though, as they’ll last as long as a tin of biscuits in a break room.


So that’s our general guide to which colour floor pad you should use in your floor buffer hire machine. Go forth and share this information with colleagues, friends, and the world. Let us never again lose grasp of this valuable knowledge, lest we doom humanity with the eternal shame of a badly buffed foyer.

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