Understanding The Importance of Warehouse Cleaning

A clean warehouse is an efficient warehouse. If you and your employees allow one or two bits of rubbish to accumulate here and there, they’ll start to see this as the norm and allow standards to slip. A piece of loose plastic wrap could trip someone up.

A chunk of broken pallet can damage your forklifts. And a build-up of screws, sawdust, spillages and scuffs not only looks bad, it can also damage the very structure of your warehouse.

By taking the time to keep a clean and tidy warehouse you’ll make everything run that much smoother, and save yourself a fortune in unnecessary repair bills in future. But with all that floor space, all those nooks and crannies, and all those long-winding corridors you’ll need a few pieces of time-saving equipment to get the job done properly.

Use an Industrial Floor Sweeper

An industrial floor sweeper should be your first port of call. Warehouses can accumulate all sorts of grit and grime sourced from the wheels of delivery trucks or just general spillages and dust accumulation.

All of this dirt can easily build up in your warehouse machinery and cause it to malfunction, costing you a packet and delaying your turnaround times.

Depending on the size of your warehouse and the frequency you wish to clean it, you may decide to either purchase a machine or use a rental company for floor sweeper hire.

Your warehouse floor’s surface area will also determine whether you require a large ride-on sweeper, or a pedestrian operated machine for those tough to reach areas.

I’m sure your employees would love to have a nice sit down and a ride all day, but realistically these are most suited to warehouses with large open plan layouts and outdoor concrete areas. Here at Clean Sweep UK we can help you by recommending the most suitable machine for your needs.

Don’t forget about a Scrubber Dryer!

Once your warehouse is clear of loose debris it’s time to clear any underlying grime from the floor using some industrial cleaning equipment.

Scrubber driers are an essential tool in keeping commercial workplaces clean, and they work by using rotating brushes to scrub detergent into hard surface floors, before then drying the newly cleansed surface.

Some of the most common accidents within a warehouse involve slips and trips on overly wet floors. This can be caused by a leakage of product, a build-up of damp, or an overly enthusiastic mopping up of one of these incidents.

Making sure a floor is dry after cleaning is just as important as removing the grime itself, and a top quality Kärcher scrubber drier can make this happen quickly, preventing unnecessary delays in using your warehouse.

A build of tyre marks can obscure important safety markings on your warehouse floor, and let’s face it, a clean unmarked surface just looks that much more professional to current and potential customers. Not only is industrial floor scrubber hire cheap and effective, it can also help build a more positive image of your company through a neat and tidy warehouse.

To achieve the best results for your warehouse cleaning you should combine use of the above machinery with a comprehensive daily maintenance plan. At Clean Sweep UK we have a dedicated team of professionals who can help you decide what you need to keep your warehouse looking great and running smoothly. Call Clean Sweep UK today for hire, sales, and advice on 0844 967 1930.

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