3 Benefits of Using a Scrubber Dryer

This is the blog post you’ve all been waiting for. People are abandoning the ticket queues for the next Star Wars film just to get a glimpse at our article on the benefits of using a scrubber dryer in the workplace. Now let us delay no further and find out exactly why using a scrubber dryer in the workplace has its benefits.

1. They’re Faster

Using a scrubber dryer is a more high-octane experience than watching Top Gear in the seat of a fighter jet breaking the sound barrier…probably. Using floor scrubbers enables dry times to be slashed compared to those grotty old mop and buckets. Not only does this mean everyone can get back to work and use those walkways straight away, it also means fewer people slipping and trying. You also cover more ground in a scrubber dryer due to its wider scrubbing path, meaning fewer passes of the floor space are needed. A shame for those employees who like to do laps, but great for business owners who want increased productivity.

2. They’re Efficent

The solution capacity of a ride-on scrubber dryer is unsurprisingly much larger than a bucket or walk-behind cleaner. This means fewer trips to refill and drain the water, and over an eight hour shift this can reduce cleaning time by one to two hours, leaving more time to stand and marvel at your scrubber dryer’s glorious exterior. A floor scrubber dryer also costs very little to run, and leads to improved employee productivity, as with your operators now riding instead of walking with the cleaning apparatus, they are now less tired than they would be after they’ve finished. Not only will they get more done, you’ll also save money on expensive whips, as the need to flog employees into action is no more.

3. They’re Easier

Instead of having individual scrubbing, cleaning, and polishing processes in place, a scrubber dryer does all three in one go. It’s like if shampoo and conditioner also did a third thing, such as make you more handsome. These machines are also incredibly easy to operate; as the settings are so simple to understand even a chimpanzee in bottom set maths could figure it out. So if you only need a scrubber dryer hire once every so often, it won’t take you all day to teach your employees how to drive the thing.

So as you can see, all the hype surrounding the benefits of using a scrubber dryer in your workplace turned out to be true. If your commercial premises see a lot of foot traffic, and your flooring is starting to look grubbier than a GP’s waiting room copy of Grazia, then looking into floor scrubber dryer hire or purchase could be a great way to save money, increase staff productivity, and have your floors gleaming like the smiles of a thousand Hollywood starlets.

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