Why Warehouse Cleaning Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Warehouse cleaning is hugely important, and it’s not just for presentation purposes either. It’s vital that you do all you can to reduce slips, trips and other accidents in the workplace. If you’ve had spillage in a warehouse or factory, yet fail to get it cleaned, it will soon become an accident waiting to happen.

It’s essential that you follow health and safety rules, no matter how minor problems appear to be at a first glance.

Now that we’ve begun 2016, how can you prepare your business for the New Year so everyone can operate safely?

  • Schedule regular cleaning
  • If there is dust, dirt and spills, planning the time to clean will make a huge difference.
  • A buildup of dust can make a workplace feel grubby. It won’t make employees feel great being around it.
  • Cleaning regularly can help prevent infections and illness around the workplace, meaning it’s a safer place to work.
  • At the end of each week, aim to remove any unwanted rubbish out of your warehouse. This way, you can clean without having to dodge boxes and other used materials.

Hire industrial cleaning equipment for the correct surfaces

You can choose to hire or buy multiple cleaners for your warehouse cleaning duties. We have excellent Kärcher equipment available to you that are suitable for a variety of surfaces.

  • Scrubber dryers are fantastic for warehouses because they can scrub and polish a floor to perfection.
  • Steam cleaners are an incredibly quick way to clean different surfaces without using harmful chemicals around your workplace. Using these can help banish germs, bacteria and any hidden grime found in your warehouse.
  • Combination scrubber-sweepers will quickly polish large areas in little time with the vacuum and roller brush that ensures flooring can be cleaned to a high, industrial standard.

If regular cleaning is required, buy the best cleaning machine that’s best for you.

If your factory or warehouse is on the larger side and has a lot of staff working throughout the day, buying a cleaning machine might be more cost efficient rather than hiring one.

  • If you hire a cleaner on particular days, it will cut your cost in half over a course of time if you already have the equipment available.
  • Delivery time will be out of the equation, and you’ll have everything you need to make warehouse cleaning extremely easy.
  • You will only need to pay for maintenance as and when the machine needs it.

Buy or hire industrial cleaning equipment from a trusted supplier

When you’re putting money into cleaning, you need to make sure the equipment you are using is still safe for use.

  • If equipment is second hand and not sold by a trusted source, you might experience issues. If you discover it requires expensive maintenance, this will cause you to spend more money.
  • If you buy a much older model, you might not be able to find the right parts for maintenance when you need them.
  • Older machines and equipment might not reach current safety standards, which could increase the risk of malfunction, fire risks and other issues.
  • If you buy or hire from a supplier, they will be able to offer advice, servicing and even next day delivery for your chosen product.

If you’ve returned to your place of work only to realise it needs a proper clean, you could hire or even buy a variety of cleaning equipment that could make the place sparkle!

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