Introducing: Karcher HDS Trailer Pressure Washers

When you need a high pressure cleaning solution for an outdoor job it can be tempting to give it a go with an indoor pressure washer. But whilst the power of indoor industrial pressure washers makes them undoubtedly up to the job, most indoor equipment simply isn’t agile or self-sufficient enough to take on the road.

With many sites lacking the necessary power or water supplies to utilise regular equipment, those who require a mobile power cleaning solution often prefer to use a trailer pressure washer.

Trailer pressure washers are employed by many different industries for their outdoor pressurised cleaning requirements, and you’ll often see council employees, construction workers and industry maintenance teams pitch up with one for a range of different tasks.

Whether you’re cleaning machinery or marble steps, building sites or benches, a trailer pressure washer is versatile enough to enable you to tackle different surfaces, locations and problems with ease.


industrial pressure washers

Kärcher industrial pressure washers are some of the most commonly used pieces of mobile cleaning equipment, and their revamped HDS Trailer has a raft of new features to make mobile cleaning easier and more efficient than ever.

This durable and reliable HDS model shares many features with its predecessor, but now comes with an upgraded 500 litre water tank and a 100 litre capacity fuel tank alongside two supply reels and a 30m long 30m high pressure hose. When you add into the mix its powerful 19kw Yanmar diesel engine it means you can enjoy up to 30 minutes of full-power cleaning with no interruptions whatsoever.

The Kärcher HDS is also incredibly efficient thanks to its innovative method of heat exchange. By using residual heat from the motor to pre-heat the water the HDS makes use of an otherwise wasted energy source to cut fuel costs by around 14%.

You’ll also find the Kärcher HDS comes with a new eco!efficiency mode, which allows you to work with a reduced temperature setting of 60’C to avoid unnecessary waste, as it was discovered that most high pressure water cleaning jobs require no higher to get the job done.

And the final efficiency improvement is the automatic shutdown feature which kicks in after 45 minutes on standby – perfect for those who constantly leave their pressure washer on whilst taking a lunch break.

In addition to the savings on fuel costs you’re also likely to see fewer expenses laid out on repairs, as this machine contains several outstanding self-maintenance features. The pump unit will never be allowed to run dry thanks to water shortage safeguards, the trailer’s extensive frost protection allows for frequent use throughout the winter, and harmful lime build-up on the heating coil is now prevented thanks to a water softening system.

So whilst of course we recommend that your trailer pressure washer is serviced on a regular basis, it seems that the Kärcher HDS trailer pressure washer’s repair bills will be significantly lower than its predecessors.

The implementation of innovative features alongside tried and tested components make this pressure washer more reliable and versatile than ever, and with its convenient and simple design allowing for customisation and forklift platform or vehicle fitting, we think you’ll see even more industries adopt the use of the Kärcher HDS trailer pressure washer.

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