Removing Graffiti Using Industrial Pressure Washers

Turning up to work and seeing your professional business premises blighted by graffiti is not a pleasant experience. The sight of crudely stencilled tags daubed onto your walls and windows not only looks horrible, it also makes employees, customers and business partners feel that little less safe.

Despite the array of preventative measures available such as graffiti resistant paint and simple yet effective fencing layouts, the most determined vandals will still find a way to tag your property. It is therefore vitally important to employ swift and effective graffiti removal to ensure the problem is not exacerbated by copycats and it becomes a serious problem area, so how can you achieve this?

The use of an industrial pressure washer to remove graffiti

One solution if you are quick on the scene is to use heavy duty pressure washers. These employ hot water to remove graffiti and are actually quite effective if used swiftly after the markings have only recently been applied.

However you must always build up the heat and pressure of the controllable washer slowly, as some surfaces can become damaged by extreme temperatures and powerful water jets. Try with a low PSI and mild level of heat on a small area of the graffiti, before building up gradually for best results.

If the graffiti has been set for some time then the use of chemicals may be unavoidable. Most graffiti is applied using markers or paints which are solvent or petroleum based, and therefore you must take this into account when trying to remove them. In addition you should also consider the actual surface to which the graffiti has been applied.

Some removal chemicals can further damage the underlying surface, so take care when using turpentine, white spirit, acetone and any other products, and always use them on a small testing area first. Once you have let the chemicals work their magic you should then use a pressure washer to remove both the graffiti and its chemical residue.

By arming yourself with the knowledge and equipment to remove graffiti as soon as possible you not only restore confidence in your business, but also strike a blow to the local graffiti artists who may not bother putting in the effort if their tag was taken down as quickly as it was put up.

The swift and effective removal of graffiti means your business premises can be returned to their former glory almost immediately, and the psychological effects of vandalism on your business are vastly reduced.

For more information about hiring or purchasing an industrial pressure washer, or any other industrial cleaning equipment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

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