Does Your Commercial Property Need A Spring Clean?

The term spring cleaning is often thrown around to describe a sprucing up of your domestic premises, but is spring also the best time of year to clean your commercial property? The short answer is, yes.

As winter draws to a close (or when it eventually does!) many areas of a commercial property have seasonal cleaning issues which need to be addressed. But a thorough cleaning of your premises has benefits whatever time of year you begin, as a clean workplace is undoubtedly more efficient, more professional looking, and far less susceptible to accidents. So which areas of your commercial premises should you pay most attention to?

Food Preparation Areas

This is especially important whether or not your company handles food items, but especially so if it does. Use a steam cleaner to remove the threat of contamination and disease from food items and their residue, and give your canteen or food preparation areas a thorough sanitisation in the process.

Clean Sweep UK offers a range of short and long term steam cleaner hire options, and many of these machines can be used in other areas throughout your premises.

Bathroom Facilities

One of the areas you can use the aforementioned steam cleaner is within your restroom facilities. There is nothing worse than employees and clients being forced to use grotty lavatories and sinks in a festering enclave of soiled tiling and sticky flooring.

A steam clean will remove staining from your restrooms, enhance the appearance of tile work, and give everyone a more sanitary environment in which to do their business. If your employees could ask for one area of your premises to be attended to with industrial cleaning equipment, the bathrooms would undoubtedly be their first choice.

Hard Flooring

With the winter months in full swing it is easy for grit and other slip-prevention products to build up in and around your hard commercial flooring. Because of this your wooden floors are especially susceptible to damage in the spring time, so the use of a sweeper and scrubber dryer is recommended to ensure further damage is prevented.

It may also be a good time to take care of any dull patches and restore your floor’s original finish using a floor buffer, and several of our scrubber and sweeper hire options also come equipped with this function.

Carpet Flooring

In addition to grit and gravel it is also likely that sludge trodden in from the icy outside has left your carpets and upholstered surfaces looking a little worse for wear. Carpet extractors are your best option if you want to give your flooring a thorough deep clean, as they are able to target the ground in soil which has accumulated over the winter months.

You can also hire combination steam extractors which are suitable for cleaning a range of different fabrics, enabling you to give your office chairs and other upholstered items a once over at the same time as your carpet.

Warehouse and Storage Areas

Every commercial property has those dark, hard to reach areas where junk has been allowed to accumulate. Sadly these are the places accidents and damage is most likely to occur, so make sure you target these and any other storage spaces in and around your workplace during your spring clean.

Not only will your workplace become more organised once you’ve removed junk items and reorganised your pallets and racks, you’ll also discover a sudden abundance of newly acquired storage space. When you have taken care of disposing any junk from your storage area or warehouse you can then use a floor sweeper to take care of residual dust kicked up by your efforts, followed by a once over with a ride-on scrubber to keep those floors clean and your floor markings legible.

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