How Do Carpet Extractors Work?

To perform a truly deep clean that every carpet needs once in awhile it is recommended by both carpet manufacturers and carpet-care experts that carpet extractors should be used. Carpet extractors offer a fantastic method of stain removal for a variety of different environments and carpet surfaces, and at Clean Sweep UK we have a range of fantastic carpet extractor hire options.

But do you know exactly how carpet extractors work? What are the different varieties available? And why carpet extractors are so useful for commercial cleaning? Let us illuminate you with a brief summary of all the how’s, why’s and where’s you need to know with regards to carpet extraction technology.

What Are Commercial Carpet Extractors?

A carpet extractor uses a wand-like device to direct cleaning solution down towards the very base of your carpet. By targeting the lower reaches of your carpet you can more effectively attack deposits of grime and soiling that would otherwise remain untouched by typical vacuum washers.

The extractor then removes this mixture of cleaning solution, dirt and water with a vacuum, allowing your carpeted surface to dry significantly faster than after most deep-cleaning procedures.

What Are The Types Of Carpet Extraction?

The most common type of carpet extraction is called hot water or steam cleaning, yet both methods actually utilise high temperature water with no steam involved. Alternative modes of carpet extraction are the dry foam method where detergent is foamed into your carpet and wet vacuumed out, and the dry extraction technique which uses absorbent compounds and detergents to crystallise the dirt in your carpet before extraction.

Why Are Industrial Carpet Extractors So Popular?

A carpet extractor is quite simply the number one choice if you want to achieve the deepest and most substantial clean possible of your carpet. Carpet extractors are relatively cheap to purchase or hire, and most commercial carpet flooring will only need a deep clean a few times a year.

For surfaces which experience extreme traffic it is recommended you use an extractor every two or three months for best results, but the rewards will be evident after the first pass. With a suction power three times that of a typical industrial vacuum cleaner, you achieve both a clean look and a fresh smell to your carpet.

Carpet extractors typically come fitted with a wide-mouthed attachment that enables you to clean deep down towards the base of the carpet, regardless of pile height, making them suitable for a range of different carpet surfaces.

What Are Spray Extraction Machines?

In addition to carpet extractors Kärcher also have a range of excellent spray extraction machines which are suitable for a variety of different textile surfaces. Spray extractors can be used to clean small to medium surface areas including carpeted flooring, office chairs, and many other upholstered items with ease.

With a single pass containing enough power to get the job done in one go, spray extraction machines are more versatile than strict carpet cleaners, but probably not your best bet for large surface areas. Kärcher’s carpet extractors also come in mains-independent battery powered varieties, allowing for continuous cleaning regardless of mains access.

Because there are so many excellent pieces of carpet extraction equipment available it can be hard knowing which is right for your commercial premises. At Clean Sweep UK we are happy to advise on any issues regarding Kärcher carpet cleaner hire and extraction machinery, so whatever your requirements why not contact us today for a quote on 0844 967 1930.

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