6 Benefits of Cleaning Your Business or Commercial Property

Turning up to work in a messy environment is about as demotivating as it gets, and employee productivity is just one of the reasons you should make sure your commercial property is neat and tidy.

With floor cleaning machine hire cheaper than ever, there really is no excuse for maintaining a commercial property, but to sway you further here are our top six reasons why cleaning your business premises benefits you.

1. A Professional Image

Many associate cleanliness with professionalism – and rightly so. If you can’t be bothered to clean your workspace when clients visit, how sloppily will you approach more important tasks? And have you considered the aesthetic value of your business?

If your old wooden floors are grubby or exterior walls are getting worse for wear, hiring industrial cleaning machines and staff to operate them can take the job out of your hands and into those of the professionals. Going to extra effort to keep your property looking great reflects well on both you and your services.

2. Increased Efficiency

A clean and tidy workplace is more efficient for many reasons. First it reduces the risk of machinery becoming clogged with dust and grime. When a meticulous approach to cleaning machinery is taken you will suffer far fewer breakdowns and lost production time.

A tidy workplace also helps worker efficiency, as not only is it common sense to store items in an organised manner, it has also been proven to have psychological benefits which further boost productivity.

3. A Safer Workplace

If your commercial premises don’t have cleaning professionals looking out for spills, clogs and build-ups then you are risking your workers’ safety. There is no-one better than a full-time cleaner to keep your workplace in check, because the link between cleaning and safety goes far beyond mere spills and slips.

Grime build-up can obscure safety markings, grease build-up causes fires, and there are a myriad of other hazards out there whose root cause can be eliminated from a regular cleaning schedule.

4. Fewer Sick Days

Most workplaces have somewhere for employees to relax, somewhere to prepare or eat meals, and a place to relieve themselves. Unfortunately all of these areas are magnets for germs and bacteria, and if one person gets sick you can guarantee half of your workforce will phone in with the same symptoms by the end of the week.

Steam cleaning and sanitising these surfaces reduces the chance of germs spreading in your workplace, and ensures your business premises provide a hygienic and healthy place to work.

5. A Responsive Business

What if one day your business faces a crisis and it needs to react swiftly and efficiently? Perhaps an order has gone out incorrectly, maybe several pieces of machinery have broken down – whatever the problem is, you can guarantee it will be exacerbated tenfold by an untidy workplace.

The last thing you need in a crisis is to be scrambling around looking for paperwork and parts, which is why maintaining a tidy and organised workplace isn’t just about making things looking pretty.

6. It Saves You The Job

Let’s face it; if you don’t have a professional cleaner then it’s up to you and your workforce to do the cleaning. Is that really something you want to do at the end of a busy day? Can you honestly say you and your employees are able to give it the full attention it needs? What about specialist tasks such as floor buffing or polishing?

A non-professional using a mop and bucket will almost certainly do a half-assed job and take all day doing it. The inexpensive rates for scrubber dryer hire mean it is far more efficient to use rented machinery to give your floors a proper clean and shine, meaning less employee hours wasted and less downtime for your business.

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