Understanding How Road Sweepers Work

Road sweepers are a common sight on British streets in the early hours of most mornings, working their way up and down the roads and clearing paving of both dust and debris, but many commercial property owners are now also employing such vehicles for the maintenance of their own private roadways and access roads.

Clean Sweep UK currently offers the Kärcher MC50 City Sweeper for hire for this very purpose, but before you consider road sweeper hire you’ll first need to know exactly how they work.

The most popular style of sweeper is the conventional model, which operate using two spinning brushes at the front to remove debris, a cylindrical brush further back which deposits said debris into a storage hopper, and also a set of under-mounted water jets to reduce the amount of dust thrown into the air by the procedure.

Alternatively the cylindrical brush will sometimes be replaced with a suction nozzle for a more accurate clean.

Another style is the vacuum or suction sweeper. These models can come in both walk-along and ride-on varieties depending on your requirement and there are also many different varieties of suction available depending on what material you will most likely need to remove.

Mulching fan models are best used with light yet cumbersome materials such as cans or bottles, and involve passing debris through a mulching fan before it enters the hopper.

However if you are dealing with hazardous dusts or materials which should not be disturbed such as seed pods, a clean fan suction sweeper may be a better choice as they compress debris using air and water.

If your surface contains many cracks and holes then a more efficient method is to use a regenerative air sweeper. These can reach small areas which a broom-based sweeper cannot, and with all of the sweeping action undertaken using air you won’t have to pay for replacement brushes. In fact with few moving parts beneath the sweeper a regenerative air model can often be quite cost effective.

Another way of ensuring your street sweeper is as cost-efficient as possible is to invest in a model which is multi-purpose. The Kärcher MC50 is one such model, as in addition to being a highly economical and manoeuvrable, the MC50 can be outfitted with mower blades, snow ploughs and gritting attachments to cover a wide range of needs in and around your commercial premises.

On a hot sunny day it may be time to keep your verges trim and sweep up your pathways, and when the winter comes the MC50 can be used to keep employees safe and your roads clear for access.

Purchasing or hiring a street sweeper for use on your commercial premises has many benefits. Not only will it keep your working area looking clean and tidy, it will also make it a safer and more efficient environment for your employees to work in.

If you are interested in mini road sweeper hire and would like to know more about hiring the Kärcher MC50 for your business premises, contact Clean Sweep UK today on 0844 967 1930.

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