5 Benefits Of Commercial Floor Polishing Machines

When facilities management budgets are being considered there are some who may feel that floor polishing is simply an added and unnecessary expense which most businesses could do without. After all, once you’ve cleaned your commercial flooring surely that’s enough isn’t it? Attractively polished floors are just for car showrooms and corporate facilities, not busy warehouses and factories.

But to make such an assumption completely ignores the many practical and commercial benefits of having a properly polished floor, and also the ease in which the process can be included into your regular maintenance routine. Let’s take a quick look at five good reasons why you should use floor polishing machines on your commercial premises.

1. Floor buffer machines save effort

Polished floors are far easier to clean than unpolished surfaces, as not only do they require only a simple wet mopping to remove dirt, they also resist staining and damage far better than untreated surfaces. Soiling and moisture will find it more difficult to penetrate your floor’s polished layer, and subsequently you are less likely to see surface cracking or moisture transmission in flooring which is completely sealed off.

Additionally the floor polishing function can be found on many multi-purpose machines which also include scrubbing, drying and vacuuming abilities, allowing your maintenance operatives to achieve lots in a short space of time.

Here at Clean Sweep Hire we provide professional floor buffing machines for long term hire with full training provided.

2. Floor buffer machines save money

Maintaining carpet, tile or polymer surfaces is far more expensive than the upkeep required when using a floor polishing machine, especially if you are polishing the slab on grade of a concrete surface or the top layer of a hardwood floor. Floor polishing machine hire is also extremely cheap, and since many surfaces only require a re-polishing every few years your outlay for the task is both minimal and infrequent.

3. They’re extremely versatile

Floor polishing machinery can be used on hard floor, concrete and wooden surfaces with ease; and the same piece of equipment can be employed to polish multiple different floorings throughout your commercial premises. Whether you wish to use an industrial floor buffer on a busy warehouse concrete floor or an opulent wooden-decked hotel foyer, just the one piece of equipment is all you’ll need.

4. They Beat Traditional Cleaning Methods


Most fillers, waxes and solvents used for traditional floor polishing methods are notoriously difficult to apply, and therefore require an employee who is trained and knows exactly what they’re doing.

Floor polishing machines are far easier to operate, and as well as having no treatment waiting time you also won’t have to deal with noxious or flammable chemicals – something particularly beneficial if your floor will see high traffic throughout the day.

5. Resistant To Foot Traffic

Floor polishing machines can be used directly on areas of high foot traffic to help build-up the floor’s resistance to wear and tear, specifically targeting your most problem areas. The technologies used within today’s polishing machines means flooring can be buffed to a high finish without creating a slippery surface, and floors treated in this way are less susceptible to scuff marks and dust build-up.

You also have the added benefit that you can treat only the areas people actually use, as opposed to waxing a floor, which requires you to remove furniture, strip the floor, and wax the entire surface.

So, those are the top five reasons why you should consider using industrial floor polishing machines on your commercial premises. Floor cleaning machine hire and floor polishing machine hire is extremely simple, comparatively cheap, and brings a number of fantastic benefits that both your customers and employees will appreciate.


Clean Sweep Hire are the Official Kärcher Hire company in the UK, providing specialist hire of a wide range of Kärcher commercial cleaning machines including contract hire floor polishing machines.

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