Floor Scrubber Dryers – Hire or Buy?

From strimmers to suits, mixers to marquees, the age old question of whether to hire or buy a piece of equipment often depends on many different things. How often will you use it, is it worth the initial outlay, and what are your options if it goes wrong? Now full disclosure, as a floor scrubber dryer hire company we’re always going to veer on the side of rental, but with this kind of equipment a short-term lease is almost always your best option. Let us explain why.

Less Responsibility

If your purchased floor scrubber dryer breaks down on the job then you’ll face a frantic scramble to track down the warranty in an old desk drawer. Then you’ll have to package the unit up, ship it off to the manufacturer and await their judgement.

Alternatively, if a rental machine breaks you can simply ring up the hire company and, if they’re any good, a replacement will be shipped out that very same day. No costly repairs, no messing about, and no prolonged interruptions to your work.

It’s Cost Effective

The associated costs of maintenance, repairs, storage, and the hefty initial outlay make hiring scrubber dryers a far better choice for all but the most frequent users of the equipment. If you’re in need of several machines hiring allows firms to spread the cost of the agreement over the year, rather than one huge payment that will dent your cash-flow.

You’re also only paying for the time your scrubber dryers are being used, rather than purchasing one and seeing sit in a cupboard depreciating in value. And those who only need a scrubber dryer on specific occasions should definitely be hiring them, because…

Short Term Leases Are Available

If you only ever need a scrubber dryer machine for a week, a day or a quick morning’s work then short-term leases make a lot of sense. These brief rentals can be booked in indefinitely if needed, and you’ll be able to have peace of mind that your equipment will be working and on time ready for you to blast through the day’s work.

Short-term leases are also great for those who need this kind of machinery for a one-off job. With many firms it can be difficult to know exactly what you’ll be working on in a few months’ time, so having a range of trusted rental equipment available allows you to pick and choose what you want, when you want it.

Free Upgrades

Is there a new model of scrubber dryer out which is more energy efficient and easier to operate? Many long-term hire agreements can include a clause which allows the renter access to top-of-the-line machinery whenever it comes in stock. Buying a piece of equipment means at some point you’ll have to try and flog or scrap the unit when you want to upgrade, but a hired scrubber dryer removes this hassle and allows you constant access to the newest technology available.

Second Hand Horrors

In an effort to save costs some companies might take a look at some of the second-hand scrubber dryers for sale, and whilst reputable companies will always ensure their previously owned kit is in full working order, there’s not a lot you can do when equipment is approach the end of its shelf-life. You may think you’re saving a boatload of money by buying cheap second-hand goods, but when you add on the inevitable repairs it soon becomes clear that a simple and stress-free rental agreement is definitely the right tool for the job.

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