How Do Escalator Cleaners Work?

Escalators situated in both public and private premises often see a great deal of traffic over the course of a week, and in the process manage to accumulate an astonishing amount of dirt, dust and debris in even the most sanitary of environments.

Subsequently, your escalators will require frequent cleaning to ensure not only their pristine and professional appearance, but also to keep them safe and in full working order.

Spillages are of course an immediate concern, but if dirt is allowed to penetrate the aluminium over time this can lead to corroded surfaces, a dull appearance and much higher maintenance costs in future – so it makes sense to hire an escalator cleaning machine to keep on top of things.

Is Escalator Cleaning A Complicated Task?

On the surface escalator cleaning may look like a complicated task, and some maintenance companies do actually insist on removing the entire system to power wash its components at another site. But this elaborate process is not only expensive, it is also time consuming and completely unnecessary.

Whereas full dismantling and cleaning can take you around a week, a deep on-site clean is possible within the space of a few hours by using escalator cleaners such as the Kärcher BR 47/35, available to hire from Clean Sweep UK today.

This model comes with a cleaning force six to seven times more powerful than most escalator cleaners on the market, and its efficient twin contra-rotating brush system enables you to achieve a deep and thorough clean to remove even the most stubborn accumulated soiling.

The best thing about modern escalator cleaners like this is that the escalator system itself doesn’t even need to be static to be worked on, allowing it to continue serving employees and the public whilst cleaning takes place.

The operator simply needs to drive the cleaner onto the first step and hold it in place as the escalator moves, and models such as the Kärcher BR 47/35 are slender enough to allow others easy passage onto the escalator during the process.

Its specially designed spray nozzle combines with scrubbing brushes and a vacuum to ensure passers-by are not soiled by any spray, and its high suction vacuum prevents moisture dripping onto the escalator shaft below. Once the swift single-pass cleaning is completed on one side the operator moves onto the other side of the escalator and the job is done.

The Kärcher BR 47/35 weighs only 90kg with brush widths of 470mm and working widths of up to 600mm, making it easily manoeuvrable and highly suitable for almost all types of escalator and travelator.

If you are interested in hiring an escalator cleaner or any other piece of commercial cleaning equipment, contact Clean Sweep today on 0844 967 1930.

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