The Importance of Keeping Business Car Parks Clean

Colleagues, customers and potential employees – what’s the first thing they see upon arrival at your premises?

We recently talked at length about the various benefits of cleaning the interior of your commercial property, but before the pristinely buffed lobby and fully equipped modern conference room the area visitors encounter first is the car park, and if your parking facilities are poorly maintained and strewn with litter it’s hardly going to reflect well on your business.

Investing In Car Park Cleaning Can Save You Money

For a start you’ll save a huge amount of money on repair bills. Industrial debris and general litter will block drainage routes and cause water pooling, which will eventually breakdown your asphalt surface over time. Asphalt lifespans can also be reduced if exposed to copious amounts of dust and grit, or frequent spillages of certain chemicals.

A small outlay on maintenance using a mini road sweeper means huge savings in the long run, and in the process you’ll also make your car park a much safer place to be. By clearing litter you’ll remove trip and fall hazards, reducing the likelihood of pedestrian and vehicular accidents, and when you compare the annual price of industrial sweeper hire to the average cost of a negligence lawsuit, the right choice suddenly seems a lot more obvious.

Reduce The Likelihood Of Attracting Pests & Rodents

over time using commercial cleaning machines to regular clean your car park will help reduce the amount of effort required, as tidy premises promote a more conscientious mind-set amongst visitors and employees, making them less likely to litter themselves. Less litter also means fewer attractions for pests such as insects, rodents and stray cats or dogs.

Even a small population of animals on your property can do significant damage as they build nests and chew their way inside your building, and once a colony has established themselves their numbers will only grow.

It’s far better to stop pests building up from the outset by clearing food items and litter from your car park – because once they’re here they’re very hard to get rid of.

Create A Safer Environment

As well as worrying about how they’ll impinge on your business you also need to consider how your waste materials could in turn harm the local flora and fauna. Many types of debris can be harmful to the environment, so dust and chemicals need to be removed to avoid contaminating the local area.

Industrial cleaning machines such as, walk-behind and ride-on sweepers, as well as industrial pressure washers are often appropriate choices; just make sure you dispose of the waste accumulated in a safe and secure manner. Many businesses today like to be associated with brands which are clean and green, so if your cleaners are dumping hazardous sludge in the local river, your reputation is certainly going to suffer.

For more information about cleaning business car parks or other municipal areas, contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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