How To Clean A Sports Hall Floor

Following on from our previous article where we explored 5 of the many reasons why it’s important to deep clean your school during the summer break, we have decided to look closely at the daily and weekly cleaning routines you should consider for your sports hall floor, regardless of whether it is part of a local school or community leisure centre.

The sports hall is often one of the most frequently used areas of any school, as not only does it see physical education lessons on a daily basis, its size means it also becomes the de facto venue for any other events requiring a large audience.

Whole school assemblies, careers fairs, scout meetings and dramatic performances are just some of the things that might take place here, and this huge amount of usage inevitably means it requires even more attention and protection from your cleaning staff.

So, how exactly can you keep your school’s sports hall clean, tidy and safe without interrupting your school’s calendar of events?

Here at Clean Sweep Hire we rent out commercial vacuum cleaners and floor scrubber dryers to keep your school immaculately clean. Our industrial cleaning equipment is available from 2 days up to long term contract hires.

Industrial Vacuuming

Before you apply a single cleaning product to the sports hall floor your initial task must be to remove all of the accumulated grit and loose soiling from the surface. Dirt and grit act like sandpaper to remove your floor’s pristine wooden lacquer, so first on your industrial cleaning equipment hire checklist should be some sort of industrial vacuuming or sweeping procedure.

Whether your hall is large enough to require a ride-on machine or you can do it with a hand-held vacuum, it is important to avoid dust mopping systems which involve water or oil-based treatments at this point. Such equipment can leave residue behind, which can further damage your finish and also create a slip hazard.

Floor Scrubbing

Once you have removed the dry and loose soiling it is time to get rid of the ingrained moist soiling and scuff marks. As an arena for athletic exploits the sports hall naturally sees a lot of sweat, saliva and body oils dispersed onto the ground, and as these substances are high in protein and salt they can build up to form a residue which water alone will not penetrate. Slicks of dried shoe rubber are also tough to remove, unless you use the right equipment.

This is where floor scrubber dryer hire comes in handy, as by combining their use with a wooden floor cleaner you can complete the entire job in less than an hour. If using an alkaline cleaner be sure to follow this up with an acidic one shortly afterwards, and it is also wise to avoid over-saturating your wooden floor with water.

Water will soak rapidly into exposed wood when left to pool, but by employing a scrubber dryer to complete the job in one single pass you can avoid this almost entirely.

Floor Buffing & Polishing

Once your floor is clear of debris and has been thoroughly cleaned it is time to prepare it for regular use. Polishing to a high degree of shine is never appropriate for a wooden sports hall floor as this increases the likelihood of slips and injuries, but this does not mean you cannot protect and buff your floors to maintain a pleasing appearance.

If you intend on repainting any of the lines required for football, basketball, tennis or badminton then this is the stage at which to do this, followed by the application of a sealant to the wood. Then you must maintain a regular routine of dusting, cleaning and buffing in order to protect this thoroughly cleaned wooden floor.

Taking advantage of low-cost industrial floor buffer machine hire means this step is even cheaper than ever, and by using mats or floor covers where appropriate you can extend the lifetime and appearance of your sports hall’s wooden floor for even longer.

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