How Efficient Is Your Hotel Cleaning Procedure?

From hairs in the bathroom sink to coffee stains on the bed sheets, a dirty room is understandably a hotel guest’s worst nightmare. Thanks to the growth of social media and very public reviews, gone are the days where hotel owners could resolve this type of issue privately without an online audience.

Hotel cleanliness is more important than ever before and it’s vital that hotels go the extra mile to maintain standards and keep their reputation. If you’re concerned about balancing expectations with your budget and time constraints, it may be worth looking closely at your hotel cleaning procedure to assess how effective it is.

Train staff

Training your staff to use hotel cleaning equipment can really help to improve the efficiency of your cleaning procedure. Inexperienced cleaners may need to be taught how to use certain cleaning products and pieces of equipment.

If you use specialist cleaning chemicals, it’s important to ensure every member of staff receives training to avoid any potential hazards.

Set targets

When it comes to cleaning hotel rooms, quality is obviously more important than quantity. After all, there’s no point giving each room a quick once over and completing a whole floor in a morning if guests are going to complain that their rooms aren’t of an acceptable standard.

However, efficiency plays an important role too. Not only can cleaning each room quickly keep labour costs low, it can also help to keep disruption for guests to a minimum.

Encourage cleaning staff to be as productive as possible by setting targets and rewarding those who continuously exceed expectations in terms of both quality and speed.

Use effective industrial cleaning equipment

There’s little point training your team members to work efficiently if you’re equipping them with ineffective tools. If you’re struggling to keep your hotel clean or costs keep exceeding your budget, it may be worth looking into cleaning equipment hire.

Steam cleaners are becoming one of the most popular tools amongst hotel owners, thanks to their ability to complete tasks to a high standard in half the time of more traditional cleaning methods.

Steam cleaners use high temperature dry vapour steam to clean deep below the surface of the dirt, lifting grime quickly and effectively. They’re also versatile and can be used to clean everything from kitchen surfaces to upholstery in guests’ rooms.

By making use of a steam cleaner hire service, you can access high quality tools that get the job done without having to purchase an expensive piece of equipment. Your staff’s workload will become more manageable, jobs will be completed quickly and effectively, and budgets won’t be exceeded.

To learn more about cleaning equipment hire, please get in touch with the team at Clean Sweep.

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