How To Remove Stains From an Office Carpet

A carpeted office feels much more comfortable and luxurious than one with solid laminate flooring, but keeping a carpet looking stain free is tough for even seasoned cleaning professionals. Food stains, ink blots and paint can all leave a lasting mark on your carpeted surface, so here are a few handy tips on how you can remove these stains from your office carpet.

Keep a routine

The longer soiling is left on a carpet, the more chance it has of forming a stain. Therefore the best way to remove stains is to prevent their creation in the first place. Use industrial vacuum cleaners to remove loose materials on a regular basis, and ensure that the carpet is also steam cleaned at frequent intervals too.

Avoid Excess Moisture

Water spillages are often overlooked as a potential cause of staining, because after all, it’s only water! But water damage is one of the most common causes of office carpet stains, so make sure these are mopped up immediately. Also, by making use of affordable carpet extractor hire you can remove spilled liquids of any varied in a quick and easy fashion.

Use The Right Product

The most effective way of removing any stain first involves understanding exactly what you are dealing with. For example, if you have a grease stain from food or oil, it’s likely you’ll need a protein cleaner or similar to treat it, followed by a pass with a steam cleaner.

If toner powder has been spilled then moisture is the last thing you need, as wetting it will turn it into a wet ink stain. Here a dry vacuum is required, followed by carpet extraction if necessary. Always make sure you have fully removed every spec of dry ink or paint powders after a spillage, because once a wet carpet clean is underway, dry ink will soon make its presence known.

Avoid Mistakes

Stain removal should always take place before a full steam clean or any other wetting of the carpet, as otherwise you risk exacerbating the problem. Equally, don’t forget to rinse your carpet after using a cleaning solution. Stain removers are rarely intended to stay on the carpet, and their presence can attract soiling and even discolour the carpet permanently.

You should also ensure you follow all of the instructions found on your cleaning products – dilute to the correct amount, blot if the product tells you to, and if you are supposed to leave it on for ten minutes – five or fifteen simply won’t do.

Be Vigilant

If spillages are treated as simple accidents that anyone can make then your staff will feel more comfortable about reporting them, and this means they’ll be treated swiftly. Make sure staff know who they can report stains and spillages to, and also keep someone on hand to actively seek out stains during the cleaning routine.

Commercial cleaning equipment hire is now even more affordable than ever, but by keeping a watchful eye over your office carpet, you might avoid this cost entirely.

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