How To Keep Your Building Site Clean And Tidy

Keeping your building site clean and tidy is imperative to prevent accidents while boosting productivity in the process. If everything is organised and exactly where it should be, you enable workers to focus on getting the job done rather than hunting for the equipment they need.

Safely Store Tools Away

Putting tools away after use is perhaps one of the most straightforward ways of keeping your building site tidy and safe. Not only can this minimise slips, trips and falls, it also stops workers wandering around the site searching high and low for the tools they need. Since distracted workers are at a greater risk of accidents, ensuring every tool is easy to find and accounted for can keep everyone safe.

Create a designated waste area

Make a habit of throwing waste away as quickly as possible, particularly if the materials you’re using are hazardous. It’s good practice to separate reusable waste, recyclable waste and waste for landfill. By doing this, you can save time and eliminate the need to revisit collections of waste and determine where it all needs to go.

Keep Access Routes Clear

Make it easy for workers to move around the building site and ensure they have plenty of means of escape in the event of an emergency. Entrances and exits must be clear and free from obstacles.

Fix Broken Tools

Introduce a system to ensure faulty or broken tools are flagged up and set aside as soon as a problem is identified. By instructing workers to clearly label and report equipment, you can reduce the risk of miscommunication and reduce the likelihood of electrical accidents.

Maintain a clean break area

Pests such as mice, rats and pigeons can cause significant problems if they’re able to access a construction site. Not only can they cause damage to the work being completed, but they can also pose health risks for workers.

Thankfully, by ensuring your premises are clean and tidy, you can often avoid attracting pests in the first place. If your building site has a break or kitchen area, ensure surfaces and floors are cleaned on a daily basis. Remove any crumbs or dropped food and ensure any unnecessary packaging is properly disposed of.

If you’re working on a particularly large site, it may be necessary to look into commercial cleaning equipment hire. By making use of industrial floor cleaners such as scrubber dryers and steam cleaners, you can increase productivity and minimise the risk of accidents while also cutting costs.

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