Keeping Your Business Clean During Winter

The Christmas period may be behind us but the winter season is far from over. For business owners, the colder months can see dirt and grime increase across their premises. Thanks to mud, mould and germs, even the cleanest businesses can be difficult to maintain. Here are our top tips for keeping on top of workplace cleaning this winter.


Maintaining the appearance of your windows

Thanks to rain and snow, office windows tend to suffer during winter. They’re less likely to be cleaned during the cooler months, giving grime the opportunity to build up over time. Not only can dirty windows make the room that little bit darker, it can also affect the overall appearance of your workplace and make it look unkempt. If you’re not careful, condensation and mould could build up and cause health issues for your employees.


Making floors clean and safe

It’s only natural for workplace floors to become grubbier than usual during winter. Mud and dirt from pavements and puddles can soon be traipsed into the building, undoing all the cleaner’s hard work from the night before. Not only can dirty floors look unsightly, they can also be dangerous and increase the risk of accidents.

Minimise the amount of dirt and water brought into your office by placing large floor mats by every entrance. If possible, arrange for a member of staff to check entrances on an hourly basis to see whether they need a quick clean. It may also be wise to put up wet floor signs to warn people that surfaces may be slippery.


Keeping staff illness to a minimum

Coughs, colds and vomiting bugs are rife in the winter months, often costing businesses thousands of pounds due to a rise in staff absence and a fall in productivity. Although there’s no sure-fire way to protect your workers from sickness, there are some things you can do to minimise the damage.

To limit the spread of germs, encourage workers to ‘catch, bin and kill’ coughs and sneezes. Put up signs and posters as a reminder.

Many workers will choose to persevere through an illness and continue working as usual, particularly if they only have a cough or slight sniffle. Although they may be fit enough to work, their symptoms could get worse over time and be passed to other workers. If possible, encourage staff to work from home or take a day off sick if they’re feeling under the weather. You may be pleasantly surprised at how productivity can skyrocket when employees have the freedom to work from home when necessary.


Using the right tools

One of the best ways of keeping on top of winter cleaning involves using the right tools. By embracing professional cleaning equipment such as scrubber dryers, steam cleaners and industrial pressure washers you can ensure your business stays clean and safe with as little work as possible.

Purchasing these tools outright can certainly prove costly. This is why we offer a professional cleaning equipment hire service designed to give you access to the equipment you need without the hefty price tag. To learn more about Clean Sweep and our hire service, please get in touch with our team.

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