How To Keep Your Gym Clean

With so many people entering a gym each day and making use of the machines, keeping a workout environment clean can be a real challenge.

There’s more to keeping a gym clean than removing visible signs of dirt and grime. Thanks to the amount of blood, sweat and tears that people put into their workouts, the average gym can be filled with germs and bacteria. So how can you keep your gym clean? Here are just a few suggestions.


Eliminating odours

A common mistake gym staff make when removing odours is to just mask the smell rather than remove it. To fully tackle the problem you need to remove the source and scrub away any odour-causing bacteria.

A steam cleaner can be a fantastic tool for cleaning everything from bench presses to the treadmills. It can also be used to clean exercise balls, machine handles and even dumbbells. With the help of a steam cleaner, you’ll be able to remove sweat, grease and smells in a matter of seconds.


Sanitising equipment

In many gyms it’s become an unwritten rule for customers to wipe their machines down with a towel after use. Although this dries any sweat from the machine, it does very little to kill germs and can actually spread bacteria from one machine to another.

If you don’t already provide gym users with paper towels and sanitising spray, introducing these cleaning tools to the gym could help reduce the spread of germs.

Although gym users can help you keep on top of machine cleaning, it’s obviously not their responsibility. Ensure that a member of staff cleans each machine on a regular basis. It may be wise to put up a cleaning rota and encourage staff to sign their name after each clean.


Keeping restrooms/locker rooms clean

Like any public restroom, those in a gym need to be cleaned regularly. When we consider how many sweaty people use gym restrooms and changing rooms on a daily basis, it’s easy to see why cleaning the area thoroughly is important. Introduce a cleaning schedule and ensure a member of staff checks on the restrooms and locker rooms on a regular basis to check standards are maintained.


Removing stains from carpets

If you have carpet in your gym, keeping the floor clean could be a challenge, particularly when you consider inevitable spillages involving energy drinks and protein shakes.

A carpet extractor could help you to remove stubborn stains that won’t budge when scrubbed by hand. It will lift the stain from the base of the carpet using water and a specialist solution.


If you’d like to embrace professional cleaning tools in your business but the cost of buying these machines is putting you off, it may be worth looking into our industrial cleaning equipment hire. We can provide you with the tools you need to keep your business looking its best, without burning a hole in your budget.

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