5 Types Of Business We’ve Helped

Whether we’re helping supermarkets clean spilt milk from aisle seven or supporting restaurants on a mission to improve their food hygiene rating, we’ve assisted countless businesses to keep their premises clean and safe. Here are five types of business we’ve helped:


With so many people visiting a supermarket each day, keeping on top of a cleaning schedule can be a real challenge. From keeping floors dry on a rainy day to mopping up spillages in the alcohol aisle, your cleaning staff are likely to have their work cut out for them. A mop and bucket may do the job, but you could save time and money with the help of professional cleaning equipment hire. Our scrubber dryers and pressure washers are particularly popular amongst supermarket managers looking to clean spills within a matter of minutes without causing too much disruption to shoppers.


With hotel guests often taking to TripAdvisor to complain about dirty hotel rooms and bathroom horrors, it’s never been more important for hoteliers to ensure their rooms, hallways and lobbies are immaculate. Using a straightforward vacuum cleaner isn’t always enough to tackle stubborn stains or dirt that’s been trodden deep into the carpet fibres. This is where our carpet extractors step up to the challenge. Each carpet extractor will deep clean your carpets, lift relentless stains and bless your floors with a refreshing new look.  


Hygiene plays a crucial role in the running of any restaurant or food business, so it’s no surprise that we have several clients in the hospitality industry. From professional vacuum cleaners to pressure washers, a number of our industrial cleaning tools are suitable for restaurant owners.

Perhaps the most popular type of tool is the robust and versatile steam cleaner. The Karcher SGV 8/5 Steam Vacuum Cleaner is great at cutting through grease, fat and dirt, removing visible grime while also sanitising each surface in the process. With the help of a professional steam cleaner, you can improve and maintain food hygiene standards throughout your kitchen.


Cleaning warehouses can be a laborious task. With so much floor space to cover, tackling the job with a mop and bucket can take several hours. For this reason, we’ve supplied countless warehouses with professional cleaning tools designed to scrub and dry floors quickly, safely and effectively.

Used to cleaning your warehouse by hand? Our extensive range of scrubber dryers can clean your warehouse in a fraction of time. By hiring one of these business-changing pieces of kit, you can free up staff members’ time to be spent on other jobs.


From car showrooms to furniture stores, we have a range of tools designed to keep your showrooms pristine. Whether you’re showing a potential customer a sportscar or a three piece suite, the last thing you want is for them to become distracted by dirty floors and surfaces. This is where our scrubber dryers come in.


We have a selection of tools designed with different spaces in mind. If you need a machine that will tackle small areas, the Karcher BR 35/12 C Scrubber Dryer will help you clean tight corners with minimum effort. Thanks to its rotatable roller brush head, this tool is easy to manoeuvre without causing damage to the contents of your showroom.

If you’d like to learn more about how Clean Sweep can help businesses stay on top of their cleaning schedule, please get in touch.

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