How To Keep Your Care Home Clean And Safe

Whether you operate a care home for elderly, unwell or vulnerable people, it’s crucial that your care home is clean and safe at all times. Not only is this important for the health and wellbeing of the people within your care, with government legislation demanding high standards, it’s necessary to do everything you can to pass inspections.

Here are just a few ways to keep your care home clean and safe.

Implement a thorough cleaning schedule

A thorough cleaning schedule is essential to ensure your care home stays clean and each task is completed by the right person. It will also help you to hold people accountable and identify ways to make improvements if necessary.

An in-depth cleaning schedule can also help you when it comes to hygiene inspections. Inspectors will want to ensure you take hygiene and safety seriously and have an effective plan in place.

Carry out regular inspections

Regular inspections can be a great way of keeping on top of cleaning tasks and ensuring standards are maintained. It may not be necessary to clean certain rooms more than once a day or a few times a week, but the occasional inspection can help to highlight any problem areas. From a dirty bathroom to a spillage in the kitchen, problems can arise that need to be tackled as soon as possible.

Improve standards with professional cleaning equipment

Gone are the days when a mop and bucket were sufficient cleaning tools. Times have changed and for the best results, it’s often wise to invest in professional cleaning equipment.

From using a steam cleaner to sanitise kitchen surfaces to scrubber dryers for large hallways, there are countless machines that can speed up the process and improve standards.

If the cost of buying industrial cleaning machines outright seems overwhelming, it’s worth considering a hire service. You’ll gain fast access to the professional cleaning tools you need without having to make huge alterations to your budget.

Train employees

It’s crucial that every employee understands the importance of keeping the care home clean, no matter what their role. Although you’re likely to have designated members of cleaning staff, even care workers, receptionists and assistants need to be familiar with government legislation and hygiene standards. By getting everyone involved and ensuring all employees look out for any health or safety issues, you can tackle any problems as soon as they arise.

If you’d like to learn more about keeping your care home clean and safe with the help of professional cleaning tools, please get in touch with the team at Clean Sweep.

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