Industrial Cleaning Equipment Hire: Long Term Or Short Term

If you’ve decided to hire some professional cleaning equipment to keep your business looking its best, you might be wondering what type of hire period is most suitable.

Let’s take a look at how our long term and short term hire services could help you.


Long term hire

If you already know which professional cleaning tool you need and you have a plan of action to ensure it’s used within your business on a consistent basis, long term hire could be the right option for you. Whether you hire a steam cleaner for your restaurant or an escalator cleaner for your shopping centre, our tools can be integrated into your company’s cleaning routine, saving you time and labour.

Our scrubber dryers and pressure washers are particularly popular amongst businesses that have to abide by a strict cleaning schedule and have very little margin for error. For example, there’s a lot of pressure on supermarkets, hospitals and schools to maintain cleaning standards at all times. Failure to stick to a thorough cleaning schedule could result in failed government inspections and a damaged reputation.


Short term hire

Whether you’d like to give your workplace a deep clean in time for spring or you’re hosting a business event and you need your premises to glisten, our short term hire service can give you access to the professional cleaning tools you need without the commitment.

Our short term hire service can also be ideal if you need to take on an urgent clean up operation. Perhaps something has gone wrong within your business, whether it’s a flood in the warehouse or pest outbreak in the kitchen. With the help of our short term cleaning equipment hire service, you can clean up any damage and give yourself a fresh start.

Short term hire might also be for you if you’d like to sample one of our machines without committing to keeping it within your business for an extended period of time.

Equipped with years of experience within the professional cleaning tool industry, our team of experts can advise you on the most suitable tools for you. Nevertheless, it’s understandable that you may wish to try them for yourself before making a decision.


So whether you’d like to try a scrubber dryer for a week or a pressure washer for a fortnight, we can provide you with a short term hire service to suit you.

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We pride ourselves on being able to offer the following to all our valued customers:

– Next Day Delivery anywhere in the UK (subject to location & availability)
– Free site visits and advice, ensuring you hire the right machine for the application
– Flexible hire periods, from 2 days to 5 years
– Maintenance included as standard
– Full training on delivery of your equipment
– Quality, modern fleet, maintained to ISO9001:2008 standards
– Breakdown response

With a fleet of equipment growing daily, we’re ready to take your hire. Call us on 0345 222 8000 or fill out a simple enquiry form.

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