Everything You Need to Know About Hot Pressure Washers

Hot Pressure Washers have been around since 1950 and, whilst we’re all familiar with the basic concept of this cleaning machine, in recent years the sheer versatility and power has developed somewhat to lead the humble pressure washer to achieve some incredible feats. Back in 2013, the pressure washer was the cleaning machine of choice when the London Eye underwent its biggest TLC to date, as a team of experts scaled the 440ft monument. It was a similar story in Brazil, where 15 Kärcher workers cleaned the imposing Christ the Redeemer monument overlooking Rio de Janeiro.

Whilst it is unlikely you’ll need a clean as sensational as this, it is comforting to know that the Pressure Washer is as at home on top of the largest monuments in the world as it is in a working kitchen. The principle of the pressure washer has been refined and advanced to a stage where it really is the cleaning machine of choice for a whole host of jobs. With the development of the next generation of Kärcher HDS pressure washers, these cleaning machines can now do more than ever, quicker and safer. They can run at up to 7,250 PSI of pressure and not only clean, but even have the power to strip concrete HDS Pressure Washers have been developed to provide better cleaning results, reduced cleaning agent consumption, shorter drying time, improved hygiene and a shorter working time. No wonder they were the cleaning machine of choice when a team of cleaners scaled the 440ft-high London Eye to perform its largest and deepest clean.

Take a look at one of our Kärcher 17/20 Trailer Hot Pressure Washers in action removing chewing gum from the pavement:

So, what’s the best way to get your hands on one of these? Since the economic crisis, there has been an increase in the number of businesses hiring their equipment. Whilst the short-term cash flow gain is apparent, this is just the tip of the iceberg. For a relatively low fee, you can enjoy the latest in pressure washer technology, safe in the knowledge that they have been properly maintained, cleaned and serviced.

For those who need a surface cleaned quickly, hiring offers up the possibility of getting a machine the next day. Plus, the HDS Pressure Washer pumps out hot water resulting in faster dirt loosening and thus significant time savings of up to 35% compared to standard pressure washers. This hot water enabled the pressure washer to be used in the clean at Mount Rushmore, where near boiling water was used on the famous Presidents’ heads sculptures in South Dakota. This heat also speeds up the drying process, so you’ll have a machine that is delivered quickly, cleans quickly and leaves the surface ready to use, quickly.

Time can be just as critical when you have the machine. The dirt and rough-going the latest pressure washers can stand-up to is impressive, but there are occasions when repairs need to be carried out. When you hire your pressure washer, it will often be supported by a full maintenance and service package included as standard, meaning your own employees don’t have to carry out time-consuming repairs to maintain the standard of the equipment. Should a first time fix not be a viable option, when you hire you’ll often receive a replacement machine in no time.

The complexity of pressure washers has increased somewhat since those developed in the 50s, but with training included for all your operatives, getting to grips with them has never been easier. As with most things, the pace of technological change in pressure washers seems to be increasing, with a large range to choose from. When you hire, you’ll be provided with expert advice to ensure you get the machine required for your application, plus the next time you come to hire the machine you’ll be able to choose from the latest machinery.

There are also several cost-effective benefits associated with hiring an HDS Pressure Washer. Cleaning can be done without disinfectant, not only reducing environmental impact, but also significantly reducing cost on detergents. Furthermore, hiring the pressure washer means there is no significant initial capital outlay, you’ll only pay for the time you need the machine and there are no servicing bills either, all resulting in a healthier balance sheet.

So, the pressure washer has cleaned some of the most difficult and impressive structures in the world, including monuments in Brazil, North America and London. What this means for you is that they’ve been developed so you can clean quicker, access more areas than ever before and improve hygiene, whatever industry you’re in. Whilst the cost of purchasing these technologically advanced machines can be initially steep, hiring them begins from as little as £100 for a week. That’s a lot of cleaning power for your buck.

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