Which Scrubber Dryer for Large Shopping Centres?

Combination sweeper scrubber cleaning a car park

Hiring the Karcher B300 RI is a winning combination for Liverpool One.

Clean Sweep Hire explain how the unique B300 RI Scrubber Sweeper Combination Machine is the efficient way of cleaning large areas.


When it comes to cleaning, the quicker, safer and more cost-effective, the better.  However, until recently, you had to make a choice between scrubbing or sweeping.


Instead of using multiple machines to complete the task, there is a more efficient solution. The Karcher B300 RI Combination Scrubber Sweeper, the first ever Karcher Scrubber Dryer powered by a combustion engine, is an extremely effective and high-speed machine to sweep and scrub your floors, with the expert design lending itself to carrying out both tasks simultaneously. By not relying on battery life, the B300 RI provides economic cleaning of large areas, whilst also providing time savings when compared to traditional scrubber dryers or sweepers, as the machine can do both jobs in one pass.


The B300 RI is the ultimate cleaning machine, perfect for cleaning high quality surfaces that need attention on a regular basis, especially in a consumer environment. With the drying function, floors are ready to use almost instantly, reducing the slip risk of workers and the public alike.


Whilst such a large piece of machinery can be an expensive outlay if purchased upfront, hiring can be a more cost-effective solution. Not only will you improve cash flow, but the additional benefits of hiring add extra value and time savings. Despite the B300 RI be intuitive to operate, with easy to use controls, training is still required. The benefit of hiring is that this is included within the delivery, and is available for as many operators as required, crucial for a large site which will often have several operators on the machine due to the amount of cleaning that is required.


Due to the intense cleaning activity the B300 RI can undertake, maintenance becomes vital to ensure the desired cleaning performance is achieved. It can be a costly and time exhaustive exercise to maintain the equipment yourself, so its good to know that when you hire a B300 RI from Clean Sweep Hire, organised and routine service visits are included to ensure the machine is kept in pristine condition.


Such benefits were a key reason why Aston Services chose the B300 RI from Clean Sweep Hire to clean the Liverpool One Shopping Centre. Watch the video here:


As the 5th largest tourist destination in Europe, attracting 29 million visitors per annum, a solution was required that would clean as quickly and efficiently as possible, whilst also ensuring floors were usable against quickly due to the nature of the all day and all-night operating hours of the site.


The consultative approach and expert advice that was provided by Clean Sweep UK enabled them to match the requirements of the site with the range of equipment they offered. A subsequent demonstration was arranged to display the effectiveness of the B300 RI, proving its capability to clean the shopping centre, quickly and safely. One key benefit was the quietness and longevity of the machine. The B300 RI has the capability to run for 24 hours per day if necessary, perfect for a shopping centre which is as alive at night as it is during the day, especially as it runs at just 82 dBa.


Liverpool One is a unique challenge, as it features several obstacles throughout an extremely large space. Despite carrying an impressive 300 litre fresh water tank, ensuring longevity of use, the B300 RI is a compact machine, meaning it can be manoeuvred very easily, ideal for the shopping centre with such a high amount of street furniture to navigate. Furthermore, the B300 RI’s robust design lends itself well to work with areas which need regular cleaning, with the flexible suspension of the brushes making work close to borders easy.


The B300 RI has been a huge success at Liverpool One, dramatically reducing the time it takes to clean, whilst hiring just the one machine (as opposed to a Scrubber Dryer and Sweeper), has reduced costs. However, it’s not just North-West Shopping Centres where the B300 RI is effective. Dirt can be removed from hard floors without difficulty in a variety of application including warehouses, factories, construction sites and other large areas. The versatility of this combination machine allows for wet cleaning of floors inside buildings, as well as sweeping outdoor areas such as car parks if required. For larger areas, it really is the machine you need.

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