Puzzi 30/4 cleaning an office carpet

Carpets in offices, shops and other high-traffic areas can quickly lose their visual appeal without the right care and maintenance.


As well as regular vacuuming, which is needed to remove everyday dirt, periodic deep cleaning can help breath new life into your floor.


Hiring an industrial carpet cleaner for periodic spot cleaning or deep cleaning can save time and money for office owners, retailers and commercial cleaning companies.


This guide will tell you everything you need to know about hiring an industrial carpet cleaner, including:


  • The difference between an industrial carpet cleaner and a vacuum cleaner
  • The best kind of industrial carpet cleaner for each site
  • Why you should hire an industrial carpet cleaner, rather than buying one


What is an industrial carpet cleaner?


Also known as carpet extractors, industrial carpet cleaners use water, cleaning solution and a pressure system to clean stubborn stubborn stains and suck up deeply embedded dirt.


They can be used on all types of carpet and other types of upholstery to keep surfaces looking better for longer.


There are some similar domestic machines that use water to clean carpets, but these machines don’t have the same suction power as industrial carpet cleaners and are only really suitable for household cleaning.


Large industrial carpet cleaners are made to clean large carpeted areas that receive a lot of foot traffic.


What’s the difference between an industrial carpet cleaner and a vacuum cleaner?


Equipment that’s used to clean carpets falls into two main camps – regular dry vacuum cleaners that suck up dust and dirt and industrial cleaners that use water and cleaning solution.


Most cleaners of the type that are used on a daily or weekly basis are dry vacuum cleaners. These machines pick up dust and dirt for a surface level clean. Commercial vacuum cleaners designed for cleaning large surface areas are available for short and long term hire.


Industrial carpet cleaners and carpet extractors use water and a cleaning solution to remove more stubborn dirts as well as stains and spills. These machines ‘inject’ water and cleaning solution into the carpet and remove it in one swift process.


To do this, the machines need a water tank, solution tank and a recovery tank that needs to be emptied regularly.


Industrial carpet cleaners can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including:


  • Spot cleaning spills and stains
  • Periodic deep cleaning
  • Restorative cleaning of very dirty carpets
  • Deep cleaning entranceways and other high volume areas


What’s the best industrial carpet cleaner for my site?


There are two main types of industrial carpet cleaner, tank carpet cleaners and self-contained carpet cleaners.


Tank systems tend to be smaller. They are operated by hand using a wand and hose attachment.

Tanks systems are used to clean smaller surface areas, like entrance ways, as well as semi-regular spot cleaning in areas where there’s an increased risk of spillage.


One key advantage that tank systems have over other types of carpet cleaner is that the wand and hose attachment allows them to reach difficult spots, such as behind furniture and under desks.


Self-contained carpet cleaners tend to be much bigger systems that clean surfaces as they pass over them. Operators push the all-in-one machines in front of them, making it much easier to clean large surface areas, like open plan offices.


Some self-contained units come equipped with an internal battery, meaning operators can do without the hassle of constant plugging-in and unplugging.


The best carpet cleaner for you will depend on the size and layout of your space. For relatively small carpeted areas a small tank carpet cleaner that does not need to be refilled regularly will probably suffice.


For much larger carpeted areas, like open-plan offices, a bigger self-contained unit will do the job quickly and efficiently.


The right machine choice may also depend on the nature of the space. If a space is completely empty because it is being renovated or because new tenants haven’t moved in yet, then a self-contained unit will be perfect because there is nothing to clean around.


In more awkward spaces, however, where there are lots of different rooms or desks to clean around – then a tank-based system may be more suitable. You should also be aware of the availability of power sources before making a booking, so you can decide if you need a plug-in or battery-operated machine.


Machine name Machine type Fresh water tank capacity
PUZZI 10/2 Carpet Cleaner Tank carpet cleaner 10L
PUZZI 30/4 Carpet Cleaner Tank carpet cleaner 30L
Kärcher BRC 30/15 C Carpet Cleaner Self-contained carpet cleaner 30L
Kärcher BRC 45/45 C Carpet Cleaner Self-contained carpet cleaner 45L
Kärcher BRC 50/70 W BP Carpet Cleaner Self-contained carpet cleaner (battery powered) 50L



Not sure which machine is right for your site or job? Speak to a member of the team for more information about our carpet cleaning machines. Call: 0345 222 8000.


Should I buy or hire an industrial carpet cleaner?

Industrial carpet cleaners are expensive to buy, especially if you only need to use it for a one-off job. That’s one of the main reasons why industrial carpet cleaner hiring services like the one offered by Kärcher Hire are so popular.

There are a number of other reasons why you might choose a short-or-long-term hire agreement over buying an industrial carpet cleaner.

  • No initial outlay – You pay nothing up front. Payment is only due at the end of the month.
  • Availability – Equipment is available to hire immediately.
  • Modern equipment – Get an improved clean with the most up to date equipment.
  • Fixed costs – Greater budgetary control and the ability to forecast costs more accurately.
  • No maintenance time or costs – The contract hire company is responsible for all maintenance, including general maintenance, servicing, PAT testing and fulfilling other legal requirements.
  • Flexibility – Access different equipment easily if your circumstances change.
  • Easier disposal – Removes disposal risks plus the cost and hassle of part exchanging or selling equipment.
  • Protect credit – Keeps core lines of credit open by not tying up equipment as assets.
  • Peace of mind – Access equipment without taking on unnecessary risk.


Why choose Kärcher Hire


Kärcher Hire supplies the highest quality cleaning equipment to organisations right around the UK, offering nationwide, next-day delivery on all machines.


The specialist hiring arm of the industry-leading Kärcher Group, Kärcher Hire has developed a reputation for customer service and industry experience.


Kärcher Hire suppliers the very best-maintained machines on a short notice contract and ad-hoc/spot hire basis. The company counts some of the UK’s largest cleaning contractors, facilities management companies, manufacturers, logistic companies, event management companies, shopping centres and educational facilities as customers and partners.


For the best equipment and a friendly, reliable service every time, speak to a member of our team today.


We pride ourselves on being able to offer the following to all our valued customers:

– Next Day Delivery anywhere in the UK (subject to location & availability)
– Free site visits and advice, ensuring you hire the right machine for the application
– Flexible hire periods, from 2 days to 5 years
– Maintenance included as standard
– Full training on delivery of your equipment
– Quality, modern fleet, maintained to ISO9001:2008 standards
– Breakdown response

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