Top Three Cleaning Machines for Music Festivals

With the arrival of Summer, the UK festival season is well underway.  With many music lovers heading to festivals around the country including Glastonbury, Isle of White and Reading and Leeds to name a few, many local councils will be considering how they ensure that, post-festival, sites are quickly cleaned and return to their original state for local residents.  That is where Kärcher Hire steps in.

Here at Kärcher Hire, we understand that cleaning large spaces can not only be time consuming, but it can also be costly to purchase industrial cleaning equipment.  As a result, we have picked out our top three cleaning machines for music festivals, all of which are available for short-term hire, that will ensure grounds are returned to their usual state.

Karcher HDS 17/20 DE TR1 Trailer Pressure Washer


Simple and easy to use, the Karcher HDS 17/20 DE TR1 Trailer Pressure Washer is on hand to help tackle even the toughest of environments at one push of a button.

Powered by a high-performance diesel engine that is capable of producing a maximum of 200 bar pressure, our hot pressure washer trailer runs without the need for mains water or electricity.  Not only does this make it ideal for festival areas that may lack electricity, but it also subsides the need to fill the water tank on site.

Suitable for areas that experience heavy foot traffic, pressure washes can leave dirty surfaces looking spotless in minutes.  Appropriate for a number of industries, the Pressure Washer is commonly hired by local councils and the construction sector.

Find out more about the TR1 Trailer Pressure Washer here.

Karcher KM 130/300 R LPG Industrial Sweeper

The Karcher KM 130/300 R LPG is a robust and fully hydraulic industrial sweeper that caters for both indoor and outdoor use – perfect for festivals that feature both indoor and outdoor stages.

As a result of the Sweepers dustpan principle, fine sweepings and coarse dirt are vacuumed, whilst the installed roller brush automatically adjusts to uneven surfaces that may be found on festival sites.

With the locals exposed to a high volume of noise throughout the festival, local councils and event organisers will be pleased to know that the selection of power options embedded into the sweeper ensure it is suitable for noise sensitive areas.

Powered by an LPG or diesel engine, the sweeper can be tailored to meet the needs and wants of businesses.

To find out more about the KM 130/300 R LPG Industrial Sweeper, visit our website here.

Karcher MC 50 Mini Road Sweeper

Providing year-round cleaning solutions to large scale outdoor areas whatever the weather, the Karcher Road Sweeper is recognised for its low running costs, powerful performance and manoeuvrability.

Ready to tackle the demanding cleaning tasks that often comes after festivals, our range of mini-road sweepers can cater for a wealth of surface types, including road sides and car parks.  Virtually silent, the MC 50 Road Sweeper is ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas including neighbourhoods that are typically quiet areas pre-festival.

The specially developed waste container is on hand to collect large amounts of waste, which can then be disposed of easily via the large cover opening.

For those hard-to-reach areas, the MC 50 Road Sweeper’s wander-hose ensures that no space is left unclean.  If that was not enough, the Sweeper can also be transformed into a lawn mower within minutes.

Find out more about the MC 50 Road Sweeper here.

If you are looking for industrial machinery that can cater to large spaces, look no further.  Our short-term and contract hire options not only make employing cleaning equipment affordable, but they also guarantee training, technical support, servicing and delivery.

To find out more about our hire services, visit our website here.  Alternatively, contact a member of our team today who will be able to offer advice based on your needs.

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