Industrial Pressure Washers: Hot Vs Cold Water

Industrial pressure washers are suitable for a wide range of commercial cleaning tasks including sterilising kitchen and food service areas, maintaining a clean vehicle fleet and for use within most commercial and domestic environments. Well, regardless of the sector or the specific demands, industrial pressure washers are now commonplace due to their high performance and reliability.


Kärcher, who have been the world’s pressure washer pioneer for many decades, provide a complete selection of machines that are available to purchase, however they can largely be divided into two main categories, hot and cold water pressure washers.


Cold Water Industrial Pressure Washers


Generally more cost effective, cold water pressure washers are designed to complete a number of general cleaning tasks from a wide variety of surfaces including walls, floors and other areas. Normally, cold water pressure washers are reserved for domestic use only and within industries where soil or mineral dirt that doesn’t contain any oils or fats needs to be removed such as agricultural environments and construction yards.


Although cold water power washers may not have the capability to remove built on grease and fat, they’re often more portable, lightweight and eco-friendly when compared to their hot water counterpart.


Hot Water Industrial Pressure Washers


The Kärcher HDS range of high-performance hot water pressure washers are renowned for their ability to clean a huge range of surfaces and substances, as well as oil, grease and protein. Hot water pressure washers are certainly more appropriate for environments that require a higher level of care and precision such as the sanitation of hospital equipment or for use throughout the catering sector.


What is the Benefit of a Hot Water Pressure Washer?

Increasing the water temperature in a pressure washer allows for the working pressure, cleaning time and detergent quantity to be reduced. In addition to this, a hot water pressure washer also allows for a shorter dryer time than the cold water systems, which is certainly beneficial to environments where cleaning specific areas cannot be exclusively sealed off to allow for comprehensive drying.

In short, hot water pressure washer are claimed to be twice as more efficient than cold water machines.


Regardless of whether you believe that you’re working environment will benefit from a cold or a hot water pressure washer, Clean Sweep Hire are proud to stock an extensive collection of industrial pressure washers at fantastic prices. For more information about hiring or purchasing industrial cleaning equipment, make sure you contact a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team today.


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